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Josh is a 20-something artist, musician, slave to the man, and writer for the illustrious Twinfinite. In his spare time, he enjoys RPGs, playing guitar, and calling his grandparents to see if their refrigerator is running. His goal in life is to become a level 100 Dragonite.

Fields of War Is Now Out

[youtube][/youtube] The action-packed mech MMO Fields of War is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux thanks to Thermal Erosion. With this being their first title, it is a big endeavor to release a game on such a big scale as a first project, but the game looks great. Focusing on large-scale battles, controlling the terrain, and team play, Fields of War is a steal for its $14.99 price tag. With five different playable mech classes, cross-platform playability, large maps with [...]

Kickstarter for Deathfire: Ruins of Nevermore

If you have played anything like the older Might & Magic games, then this bit of awesomeness may be relevant to your interests. Guido Henkel, the co-creator of the classic Realms of Arkania has debuted his latest single player computer role-playing game. A high-fantasy dungeon crawler with the ability to recruit and expand your party. The game promises a deep and intricate story laden with character customization and interaction. The Kickstarter –started only a few days ago– has garnered quite a bit [...]

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 New Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] Sure, the first entry in the Lords of Shadow series wasn’t the biggest and brightest in the Castlevania franchise, and sure, maybe the 3DS spin-off had more than its fair share of faults, but the third time could be the charm as Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 is looking to be the end-all to the series’ downturn. The newest trailer above shows some pretty amazing-looking gameplay and almost has a God of War III-esque visual style going on. Included in the video [...]

Magicka Gets One Last DLC

In 2011, a little PC game came out that involved mages, spell-fusing, and co-op gameplay that won gamers over. Magicka has proved that the best graphics and cutting-edge technology aren’t needed to make a great, fun, and addictive game. With it’s never-ending slew of additional content ranging from being dropped in the middle of Southeast Asia to new costumes, weapons, and other locations, the downloadable title has stayed fresh, relevant, and most of all, fun over it’s two year span. With [...]

South Park: The Stick of Truth Even More Delayed

[youtube][/youtube] In a turn of events I was almost positive would not happen again, it seems the tongue-in-cheek RPG based on the titular TV show has been delayed once more. Now set for a March 2014 release, South Park Studios has put together a 7-minute gameplay trailer showing off some hilarious story bits and fantastic combat gameplay as an apology of sorts. While there is no inclusion of Randy Marsh in the video, I was blown away when a character [...]

Musterbrand Releases Assassin’s Creed Collection

Famed video game clothing online retailer Musterbrand has just unveiled its latest collection inspired by the forthcoming Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. While most of the clothing items on the site are very reasonably priced, these are some of the coolest shirts and jackets I’ve seen in the States and will cost you your prettiest pennies. Partnered with Ubisoft, Musterbrand has taken loving care in bringing high-quality accessories and apparel to the public in celebration of the well-received franchise and hopes [...]

Forza 5 Showroom Floor Screens

Forza has been a cornerstone in the Xbox’s successful lineup since the original iteration back in 2005. With the upcoming Xbox One, cars look prettier than real life and you can race them without getting sued  for involuntary manslaughter. Microsoft and Turn 10 has just released a collection of screenshots taken from the game itself which showcases some pretty great looking rides. While the cars look spectacular, I can’t help but notice the backgrounds –namely the outside level– which really [...]

How To Survive “Mother Knows Best” Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] Uhmmm. . . No she doesn’t. They even say so. The latest trailer for the one-night-stand offspring of Zombie Apocalypse and State of Decay shows exactly what you should be doing hence the undead come to your neck of the woods. 505 Games and EKO Software released this trailer today showing off some of the goodies you can expect to exploit and maim to your liking. Everything from customizable weapons to an impressive-looking melee system gives the top-down shooter a breath of fresh air. [...]

Unf Dat Nazi Zombie Army 2

[youtube][/youtube] While literally everybody else cannot stop talking about the upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts or the equally popular, but less successful Battlefield 4, I have my eyes set on something a little more graphic. Namely, the Sniper series. It blends stealth and exploding balls really well, and the Halloween-bound title Sniper Elite: Nazi Zombie Army 2 has my undivided attention. Above is the first gameplay trailer dropped by developer Rebellion today and it looks fantastic. The game supports up to 4-player co-op, and includes a [...]

iOS Gets First Ever FTP D&D Title

Acronyms! Just today, Wizards of the Coast announced that iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches will be getting the first ever free to play Dungeons & Dragons title. Titled Arena of War, the turn-based RPG sends you through the Forgotten Realms to do what you do best. Veterans of the popular franchise will find all the lore and riches they have come to know from titles and other games past, while newcomers who have a thing for dark fantasy will find every turn and encounter a [...]

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