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First Trailer for New Ace Attorney Game, Dai Gyakuten Saiban

[Turn on annotations for subtitles] I don’t know if you heard, but the new Ace Attorney game is to take place in 19th century, Meiji Era Japan; a far departure from the slightly into the future present day of the current Ace Attorney games. While details have been slowly trickling out over the past few days, there’s now a trailer to showcase the game titled Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Adventures of Naruhodou Ryuunoske in Japan. No word yet on localization yet [...]

Twinfinite EP: Spate OST Review – A Slow Burn

[Occassionally Twinfinite's Endless Playlist gets a new album to review. This week it's the Spate OST composed by Mike Raznick] I wrote in my original review that the music relied mostly on orchestral strings and haunting vocals to complete the dark atmosphere of Spate and having gotten a chance to listen to the full album, I realize I was only scratching at the surface of an iceberg. While the majority of the album rarely deviates from the string ensemble, the [...]

Well That’s Disappointing. Arc System Works Bloodrayne is Nothing New

Literally. Remember last week when Arc System Works posted a sweet looking teaser page for a potentially new Bloodrayne game? The website was simply a teaser for the Japanese release of Wayforward’s Bloodrayne Betrayal (which I’m feeling pretty heavily right now). Bloodrayne Betrayal was a 2D game from Wayforward, and while the music and art style were gorgeous, the difficulty and length of the title left much to be desired. While this is disappointing news to many, at least this [...]

Demon Gaze Review – Is That a Vocaloid?

Do you know about the concept of the “Gaze”? It’s a popular philosophical notion whose origins I don’t want to delve too deeply into but is commonly associated with the newer term of the “Male Gaze”. Basically, it’s a power dynamic that gives or takes power from an individual depending on whether they are on the giving or receiving end of this “Gaze”. I bring this up because the new dungeon-crawler Demon Gaze actively gives you a power in which [...]

Slow News Day? Did You See the New Dragon Age: Inquisition Box Art?

So yeah. Kind of a bummer day for news. Nothing too exciting. But hey! You see the new Dragon Age: Inquisition box art? Crazy awesome right? Very dramatic, featuring a lone knight, flaming sword, fending off a swarm of…demons? Well swarms of evil things. I like it. Lots of plague imagery and dragons. Yup, pay attention and all of a sudden the knight seems to be summoning some sort of dragon/magic/dragon-magic thing. Check out the full box art below as [...]

REalM is an Indie Horror Game And First Game On The Square Enix Collective

I’m of the mind that fear isn’t based off of any pre-determined trigger. Sure, clowns are universally scary, but nightmares are all deeply personal, and there is a special curiosity with getting close to that which terrifies you most. Those were just thoughts in my head as I was looking at REalM, an indie horror platformer from developers Arbor Sheep and Authentic Illusions. You see, graphics are all fine and well, but the games that interest me the most are [...]

Silent Hill: Downpour Comic Spinoff, Anne’s Story Revealed at Wondercon

While I was unaware of this myself, it seems that a comic spinoff of Silent Hill: Downpour focusing on officer Anne Cunningham’s journey through Silent Hill and published by IDW Comics was in the works for a while. At Wondercon 2014, this project came to realization with IDW Comics announcing that Anne’s Story will release as a comic mini-series this summer on August 20th. The series, as the title suggests, will focus on Anne Cunningham who chased the protagonist(?) Murphy [...]

Omocat Launches Omori Kickstarter

One of my favorite artist, Omocat, has been lining up a Kickstarter campaign for her game for quite some time. Today, on Twitter, the Kickstarter for Omori has been posted. While the campaign video reveals a surreal music video showcasing the game and story elements, the summary itself reads something like a cross between cult favorite titles Yume Nikki and Earthbound while music is handled by indie Chip rock band Slime Girls (Who I saw live last year open for Anamanguchi). [...]


Tales of Hearts R Will Be Localized In Video From Series Producer

Don’t you just love the internet? Through it, your favorite game creators can make fun and silly videos in which they basically give you great news. In this case, Tales series producer Hideo Baba announces both his excitement for the upcoming Tales of Xillia 2 as well as announce Tales of Hearts R for PS Vita. Tales of Hearts R is an updated port of the DS Tales titles, Tales of Hearts, and features full 3D animations, voice acting, new [...]


New Kirby Triple Deluxe Trailer Celebrates Destruction

Well I was surprised when the new Kirby Triple Deluxe trailer blasted through my headphones with Mozart’s Requiem Mass “Dies Irie.” Yeah, it’s pretty intense, just give the video a click and awe. That’s really anyone can do in the face of pure destruction. Kirby: Triple Deluxe will be available for 3DS consoles on May 2nd.

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