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I have been gaming for 20 years and have seen this industry go from one geared towards children, to one that has grown to accept all demographics. I've grown up side by side with video games and I've seen it turn into this phenomenon. Of course I also enjoy entertainment in all mediums whether it be film, book or sports. I'm just a huge nerd that loves writing about his hobbies.

PAX East – Capybara Games Reveals A New Trailer for Below

Well that was atmospheric, wasn’t it. Not much to really go on with this trailer, but we do have some good news for PC enthusiasts. Capy has revealed that alongside the game’s Xbox One release will be a version for the Steam marketplace. Capybara Games has been teasing us with these little trailers for awhile now. You can feel the same sense of unknown in their “Pause” trailer for the game. This is looking to be a very intriguing adventure [...]

PAX East – Game 4 Has Been Revealed From the Behemoth

I’m always cautious when the Behemoth announces a new project. The studio is a fine developer, but they are also one that take on a Miyamoto-esque approach to their launch dates. Hopefully this isn’t being revealed too early. Destructoid has revealed that Game 4 is in the works and that it stars a horribly deformed spider cupcake equipped with a catapult to fling what I hope is icing. This should be right in line with the humor we’ve come to [...]

PAX East – Project Totem is the New Xbox Game From Press Play

Press Play sort of broke on to the scene in a big way with their hit Max and the Magic Marker game. It was a little platformer that worked to expand out simple drawing mechanics to accentuate problem solving. Since stylish platformers are their bread and butter, the team over at Press Play is ready to make magic happen again with their new Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive Project Totem. In Project Totem, the player is in control of [...]

World of Tanks Celebrates Their Anniversary in Style

World of Tanks has been an odd little phenomena since it first debuted 3 short years ago. Theoretically, tank simulation games appeal to a very niche audience, but the Wargaming crew were able to break through and turn this game into worldwide fun. This weekend a number of exclusives is on offer to celebrate the event beginning on Friday, April 11, 04:00 PDT and ending on Monday, April 14, 04:00 PDT. Here’s what you can expect from going in to this [...]

In the Beginning, Valve Rejected Braid

Many people herald Braid as the beginning of the indie developers movement. Jonathan Blow’s new take on the platform genre turned into a breakout hit on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. It’s hard to imagine where gaming would be right now without Braid as it really did show up and prove that an indie developer could make something that can move as many units as big publishers. It’s shocking in hindsight to hear then that Valve didn’t think the game [...]

How Batman: Arkham Knight Will Take a Page from Knightfall

Batman: Arkham Knight is gearing up to be one of the biggest hits of the year. As speculation grows for how Rocksteady plans to conclude the series, the new images of the proposed villain has left me wondering what direction the team will be taking in approaching the conclusion. Until we get our hands on Arkham Knight, we’ll never know exactly what is planned for the caped crusader, but here’s where I’m hoping it will go. With the big reveal [...]

Next-Gen Gamers: Exploring Double Fine’s Kinect Party Through the Eyes of a Child

[Next-Gen Gamers is a feature where we explore the world of gaming through the eyes of our kids who really are the next generation of gamers] I don’t play a whole lot of games with my daughter. She’s a little young to get fully adjusted to the basics of more focused games. Plus when we are together, I mostly like to focus on doing interesting things with her around the house or outside of it. Unfortunately, it happens to rain [...]

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Review – An Ace For Your Back Pocket

Ragnarok Odyssey came out a little over a year ago for the PS Vita. It was a title that worked well with the console, but the developers weren’t satisfied with their first outing, so they spent some time to expand the game. Now we have the standalone expansion Ragnarok Odyssey ACE for both the PS Vita and PS3 that bolsters a number of new additions. For those new to the genre, Ragnarok Odyssey is similar in concept to Monster Hunter [...]

Amazon Debuts Their New Gaming Console

Today Amazon has announced their $99 answer to the Apple TV and Roku market. The Amazon Fire TV will be able to stream video content like Hulu Plus as well as play your favorite music, home videos and photos. That is the initial focus of the system in its base model as it only offers a voice activated remote control. For gamers however, the box opens up to something more with the addition of a secondary bluetooth gaming controller priced [...]

Sonic CD is Free Today

The Amazon Appstore is a great way for most Ouya owners to find out which games work and which games don’t work on their console. Daily, deals appear in which users can download new applications for free. Today is Sonic’s turn as Sonic CD has been reduced down to free until midnight. I have this version of the game and I can confirm to everybody that it does work quite well for the Ouya. Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to [...]

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