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RedBull Caffeine addict. Lover of thy San Jose Sharks. Advocate of the video game world and anything that includes a bit of lunacy and caffeine in it.

Beast Boxing Turbo Review – Button Mashing Edition

Beast Boxing Turbo sets you off on an adventure in Beasthalla, a land full of great beasts who make a name for themselves in the boxing ring. Utilizing a first person view, it starts off with you playing a human named Char to start his career in boxing. Sadly, you have to be a beast to enter the boxing league. As such, Char takes matters into his own hands and ends up going undercover as a beast. That’s where this boxing game [...]


Black Friday! Its almost here…

In this episode of Caffeine Corner, Maie and I discuss the epicness of Black Friday! All the games that’ll be out and Twinfinite’s Holiday guide! Go ahead and check it out. Also leave us a comment below letting us now if you’ll be buying anything this Black Friday or you’ll just be chillen at home with the family! Happy Thanksgiving Twinfiknights.


What’s your favorite console? Do you have one? Tell us!

In this episode of Twinfinite Talks, I decided to ask everyone what their favorite console in the whole wide world is! I’ve gotten tons of legit responses which led me to ask myself what my favorite console was. With your input I decided to make this video and share with you what my favorite consoles would be and why! Also do tell us what your favorite console is and why in the comments below. I’d like to know.


How to not get owned on any multiplayer platform! Blood of the Werewolf giveaway!

On this weeks Caffeine Corner, Maie and I decided to give you guys very valuable tips. Tips on how to survive any multiplay platform with dignity and honor. Also, we’re giving away a free copy of Blood of the Werewolf! D: All you have to do is leave us a comment below in this post by telling us your favorite tip on not getting owned! Leave us a comment below and by Thursday we will pick a winner! Good luck [...]


What If Video Games Spoke?

On this weeks episode of Twinfinite On The Go, I pondered this question, “What if video games spoke?” I always wondered if there was some sort of hierarchy between video games. If one video game thought it was better than the other.  I did some digging, collected some of my old games, and investigated. You’d be astonished by the amount of hate, and love, between some of the games! Go ahead. Watch my video. Take a look at my findings [...]


Twinfinite On The Go

Hello, everyone! Mona here to introduce a new YouTube series that I will be doing every Wednesday (with the exception of today) called Twinfinite On The Go! You read it right, on the go! We will be going out into the real unsheltered world to talk to people and ask them their opinions on any current gaming topic. For the very first episode of the series, I decided to interview my siblings on what they thought of gaming, and what [...]


Roccat Kone XTD Mouse Review

Hey everyone, Mona here! I tested out the new Kone XTD mouse from Roccat, which is epic on so many levels. The Roccat Kone XTD is a newly released addition to their gaming mouse line. With customizable glowing LED lights, the kickass Roccat logo imprinted on the bottom of the mouse, customizable buttons everywhere, and most importantly the mouse being coated with the softest texture ever, the Kone XTD is worth every penny. Check out the video review for all [...]

Electronic Super Joy Review – Revenge For Your Butt!!

In the Disco Wars of 1515 You lost an eye, In the War of Rock n’ Roll, You lost both legs, Defeating DJ Deadly Skillz, You lost your ENTIRE butt, To an evil wizard, This is the story of your quest To get revenge for you BUTT……. If this intro doesn’t get you riled up, then I don’t know what will.  Electronic Super Joy is a game that will help you get revenge for your butt (or that of your [...]

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