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Hi! I'm the Managing Editor here at Twinfinite. I'm more than a little bit crazy but I'm great at hiding it. When I'm not gaming on XBL (Muazimus Prime) or PSN (MuazimusPrime), you can find me reading mountains of comic books or watching an obscene amount of movies. I LOVE the Mass Effect series and can't be your friend if you don't love it too.

PAX East – Final PAX East 2014 Roundup

Even though our dear, glorious leader Yami wasn’t at PAX East this year, we had a large and dedicated team in attendance to cover it for you. In addition to your standard impressions and interviews, we also got to ask PAX-goers what the con meant to them, interview a few exhibitors at the Diversity Lounge, and even bring you the next installation in our highly-demanded Showfloor Dancethrough. I’m thoroughly impressed with how hard our coverage team worked and if you [...]


PAX East – Showfloor Dance-Off, Who Won?

As fun as PAX East has been, it can get a little stressful trying to hit every booth and cover as many games as possible. Other than maybe getting an unexpected break where we can grab breakfast at 3pm, nothing gives us more of a chance to de-stress during the convention than filming ourselves goofing around on the showfloor. Here’s the latest in our bi-annual PAX showfloor dancethrough. If you see people randomly busting out dance moves at future PAXs, [...]


PAX East – Invisible, Inc. Hands-On Impressions

At PAX East this past weekend, Alissa and I got a chance to play the alpha version of Klei Entertainment’s upcoming turn-based, tactical espionage game Invisible, Inc. The game played like a stealth version of XCOM and showed surprising polish for a game that’s still a month or two out from beta. We both enjoyed whatever limited time we had with the game and took a few minutes to record our thoughts. Spoiler alert: We liked it. A lot. Invisible, Inc. [...]


PAX East – This War Of Mine Discussion

I’ve already written about how much I was impressed with the This War Of Mine demo. When I went to the booth to play it, I was joined by our Community Manager Alex. We both agreed that this game’s focus on civilians in a war zone is as original as it gets, but he had a completely different experience with it. We found as quiet of a corner as we could in the busy convention center and talked about our different [...]


PAX East – So What Can You Find in the Diversity Lounge?

This past December PAX’s Show Director, Robert Khoo, announced that future PAX events would include a Diversity Lounge that would focus on being a resource for those minority groups that have felt marginalized in the past. In an effort to continue to provide a safe and welcoming environment, PAX is introducing the Roll for Diversity Hub & Lounge. This space will exist as a resource for PAX attendees to find information related to issues surrounding women, LGBTQ, people of color, [...]

PAX East – Always Sometimes Monsters Hands-On Impressions

Always Sometimes Monsters has been on my watch list ever since Alissa wrote up her hands-on impressions of the time she spent with the game during PAX Prime. When I found out that the build they were showing at PAX East was different from the one Alissa played through, I went down to the Vagabond Dog booth to take a look at the new demo. The game starts off with you naming your character and their love interest; in the [...]

PAX East – This War of Mine Hands-On Impressions

This War of Mine has been one of my most anticipated games of this year ever since developer 11 Bit Studios released the teaser trailer. When I saw that they had a booth on the show floor, I knew we had to go see if the product matched the hype. I was not disappointed.  More than anything, the visuals are what stood out to me. Other than the walls of the bombed out house that your group of survivors takes [...]

PAX East – Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Hands-Off Impressions

One thing Gearbox does very well when it comes to its’ mega-hit Borderlands series is making it look as badass as possible in demos and previews before the game releases. If they were good before, they knocked it out of the park with the demo they showed off of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. The reason the game has such a Gearbox-y name is that Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel takes place after the events of Borderlands but before Borderlands 2 and focuses on the [...]

PAX East – The Crew Hands-On Impressions

The last we saw from The Crew was our Hands-On preview of the game at PAX Prime. While it did have a few flashes of brilliance, it definitely left us wanting more. When I saw that Ubisoft was showing the game off again, I knew I had to take another look at it to see if they made an improvements in the past few months. The car I was driving around in the demo was a muscle car and you [...]

PAX East – Trials Fusion Hands-On Impressions

The latest entry in the high-flying Trials series, Trials Fusion, comes out in a few days but a playable version is here at PAX East this weekend. The time I spent with it was filled with retries, barely made checkpoints, and multiple profanity-laced outbursts; all trademarks of a good Trials game. The game retains the distinct 2.5D art style, with players traversing dynamic 3D backgrounds, going from left to right.The newest feature added was the ability to use the right [...]

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