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You can call her Coone or Racoone. She's a molecular bio/philosophy double major who reverts to an embarrassingly thick redneck accent when she gets flustered. 60% League of Legends, 50% sarcasm, and 100% sure that philosophy majors can pull off inaccurate percentage calculations if they want.

New Evolve Screenshots Showcase Impressive Beasts

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a hulking beast and bashing your friends’ virtual brains in, then you should be on the lookout for Evolve, the upcoming title from Turtle Rock Studios. The multiplayer shooter pits prey against predator, as players will choose a daring hunter or gruesome monster in a competitive 4v1 match. Six new screenshots of Turtle Rock’s title surfaced today, giving some insight into the evolving monsters and 4v1 game style. Most of the images showcase the awesome [...]

Curse of Naxxramas: Hearthstone Single Player Adventure Mode Announced

Are you addicted to Hearthstone? Yes? Good! Read on. If you’re not addicted to Hearthstone, then prepare to be, because Blizzard has just announced Curse of Naxxramas, a single player adventure mode for everyone’s favorite WoW-themed, online card game. Players will battle through the 5 wings of the Naxxramas, an ancient dungeon filled with old favorites like the horror-stuffed Patchwerk, the cuddly arachnid Maexxna, and fungal beast Loatheb. By overcoming the trials of Naxxramus, you’ll be gaining cards for your Hearthstone deck. 30 [...]

Raise Your Urf: The Best of League of Legends URF Mode

Merry URF-mas! Not sure what that means? Since the dawn of time (or for the past week), the holiday of URF has been known as the period following April Fools, during which Ultra Rapid Fire mode is enabled for League of Legends. If you want more info, watch this video, or for a quick lowdown on URF perks, check out the Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing below. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play Ultra Rapid Fire, or if you [...]

League of Legends – Into the Rift: Ziggs, The Hexplosives Expert

If you’re a mighty Twinfiknight, you might know about our Dota 2 series, Heropedia. Since Dota shouldn’t get to have all the fun, and seeing as I spent 12 hours playing League of Legends yesterday, I figured I would do something similar for LoL. I’ll be regularly outputting some form of helpful info about something LoL related. Could I be more specific? Nope, because I’m foreseeing random urges to talk about a variety of League things and who knows where my wisdom will [...]

A Night With Naughty Dog: 10 Facts Behind Making The Last of Us

What did you do this past Thursday? Mhmm, that’s cool, but I can’t hear you. Unfortunately, you’re talking to your computer screen. So I’ll just make this a whole lot less awkward now and tell you about my trip to a Naughty Dog design panel this past Thursday night. I got a free yo-yo, met some cool game designers, and spoke with a few people from The Last of Us team, who took a break from collecting every award to come [...]


League of Legends Ultra Rapid Fire Update, Courtesy of Rito

It’s that time of year again. All of our favorite companies are getting together and showing us what they’ve got up their sleeves. No, it’s not E3. It’s April Fools’ Day! Of course, I play League of Legends through midnight and into the wee morning hours, like any healthy person would (shut up it’s healthy). My perfectly normal habit means two things: 1) I’ll be passing out in Metaphysics class tomorrow, and 2) I’m already being swarmed with the jovial, [...]

John Carmack Shares More on Oculus Acquisition

John Carmack, CTO at Oculus VR, shared more of his thoughts on Facebook’s acquisition today, reminding the community why he believes Oculus will still be largely successful. Carmack commented on a blog post, titled “Wrong and Right Reasons To Be Upset About Oculus”, with his personal outlook on the matter. “Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Facebook (or this soon),” Carmack shares. “I have zero personal background with them, and I could think of other companies that would have more obvious synergies. [...]


Check Out Playstation’s Sweet Thank You Video

A console is nothing without its community, and Playstation has a lot of love for its fans and developers. Since the PS4 launch back in November, over 6 million gamers have picked up their console and showed this company some love. Now, Playstation is returning its thanks, publishing a new video on YouTube that thanks its over 1000 licensed developers and millions of supporters. The heartwarming thank you features some of our favorite Playstation moments, from the celebrated E3 price [...]

Michael Abrash Joins Oculus After Leaving Valve

Just when we thought we’d heard enough about Oculus this week, even more news opens up regarding the now Facebook owned VR company. Michael Abrash, who was in the past working on VR at Valve, has joined Oculus as Chief Scientist. Abrash’s new position comes after Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus VR for a pretty $2 billion earlier this week. Abrash has been a strong supporter of VR throughout his career, and now sees big opportunities for the platform under Facebook. [...]

Notch Talks Alternative VR Options After Facebook-Oculus Deal

Not too long following the announcement that Facebook has purchased Oculus VR to the hefty tune of $2 billion, Minecraft creator Markus Persson tweeted that he would no longer be interested in bringing Minecraft to Oculus. Now, Notch has clarified his opinions, confirming that he is seeking alternative platforms. Notch shared his VR opinions through a series of Twitter messages. In response to questions concerning Notch’s possible work with Sony’s VR set, he tweeted ”I like developing for PC. Maybe others at [...]

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