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Trey is a delightful, colorblind writer for the site. He enjoys playing electric guitar and bass, professional wrestling documentaries and writing about video games & the industry. Favorite games include Persona 3: FES, Final Fantasy Tactics and Castlevania. Feel free to follow him on twitter @radiopools!

Drunken Minecraft Episode 1: Treypocalypse

Man, I haven’t played Minecraft since the alpha. Things have changed a lot since then: survival mode is an actual game type. No longer am I just surviving to find something to do, but they made it an actual game mechanic. They’ve actually added a ton of features to the game since I last played. I decided to see for myself all they have added… though I totally wasn’t sober while doing so.


[PAX] Hands-On Preview: MechKnight Chronicles – Quite the Treasure

[youtube][/youtube] PAX East was some serious sensory overload. Walking into the expo hall and having your eyes and ears assaulted by various explosions, gunshots, and eSports announcers is just so much to process. The indie mega-booth, while not nearly as over-the-top as some of the bigger guys, was still a whole lot to take in. I hit the floor with fellow Twinfinite staffer Muaz on Saturday to cover some of the indie booth. We kind of just stood there for a [...]

[PAX] Hands-on Preview: Contrast – Shady Business

[youtube][/youtube] Contrast is an incredibly clever indie puzzle/platformer from Compulsion Games. You play as Dawn, the imaginary friend of a young girl named Didi. Didi is a seemingly good kid, but she’s alone in this confusing adult world, and it is Dawn’s job to help her navigate around it. Dawn has some particularly interesting powers, and she must utilize these abilities to help Didi figure out what is happening with her family. I got the chance to spend some time [...]

[PAX] Hands-On Preview: The Elder Scrolls Online – Don’t Roll Your Eyes, Mister!

I think a lot of people got excited when they heard the announcement of the The Elder Scrolls Online. Finally, we would be able to play Skyrim with friends! However it was cleared up that it would be a new MMORPG set in the realm of The Elder Scrolls. I don’t think I was alone when I rolled my eyes at the thought of another MMO trying to take down the un-movable object that is World of Warcraft. I got [...]

[PAX] Hands-On Preview: Transistor – Yay Talking Swords!

[youtube][/youtube] Transistor was recently announced by Supergiant Games and a playable demo has been available at PAX East this weekend. The newest effort by Supergiant Games, the studio behind the lovely Bastion, Transistor is a science fiction RPG that takes place in a futuristic city. A group of assassins have attacked this woman, named Red, with a mysterious sword-like weapon, known as the Transistor. Utilizing this strange weapon, this woman must defend herself against forces who will stop at nothing [...]

[Review] Bloody Gun3 V7 Mouse

If you’re into PC gaming, you probably have put some thought into your choice of a mouse. For some, the mouse used can be the difference between a perfect headshot and a complete miss. Choosing the right mouse can also be a pretty personal affair — after all it’s going to be the link between you and the experience you have. I’ve been spending some time with the Bloody Gun3 V7 gaming mouse, and it has a ridiculous amount of [...]

[Review] Special Forces: Team X

With so many competitive multiplayer games on the market, it’s hard to make a name for yourself. From big budget titles to indie games, the market has become flooded with multiplayer-focused games. There is a lot of competition, companies trying to make the next big game that brings in the “moolah.” I’ve been attempting to play Special Forces: Team X on the PC for a while now. While I’ve found it to be a somewhat unique experience… it doesn’t seem [...]


[News] New Dragon’s Crown Trailer

A new trailer was recently released for the side-scrolling Atlus adventure “Dragon’s Crown”. Along with a quick look at the character designs, the trailer gives us some more in-game footage of how the combat will work. In addition to the trailer, they also seem to have updated their global site, providing more information about the 2d gameplay and adding some more screenshots of the amazing artwork for us to drool over. Real talk? Despite the over-the-top character designs (hilariously the [...]

[News] Xbox Related Domain Registered, Potential Event in April

Not to be outdone by Sony’s PS4 announcement, the website was registered almost exactly as the PS4 event ended. No official announcement has been made yet, but it’s rumored that Microsoft will have an event of their own sometime in April. This would put the announcement of a new Xbox console before the E3 convention. I think it’s pretty easy to guess what the purpose of this event will be: to unveil a new console. It would make sense [...]

[Review] Aliens: Colonial Marines – More Like Colonial Morons

The Alien movies are rad. There are scary aliens that look super cool, there are tough marines that have bitchin’ technology, the characters are mostly likable, even if you like to hate them. Kicking back and popping in Aliens is always a good time. Honestly, the Alien franchise has so much that could be utilized to make an amazing game. Most studios that attempt it though have been less than successful, with games ranging from okay to bad. When I [...]

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