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Resident man of mystery and the original Twinfiknight, Rex has it all: charm, wit, good looks, and an overcompensating bravado hiding his deep insecurities. An enormous fan of Nintendo, retro games, indie games, and more, the man in armor has quite a dandy time writing as part of Twinfinite's staff. What he lacks in gaming abilities, he makes up for with spunk and sass, complementing his winning attitude and cheerful outlook. Favorite Games: Ghost Trick, Cave Story, Kirby (All of them, including Air Ride), the Super Mario Galaxies, Super Metroid, Zelda (Skyward Sword and Majora's Mask), the Ace Attorney series, etc.

[News] Anamanaguchi’s Endless Fantasy Gets Release Date And A New Song, Still Rad

Just two hours ago via Twitter, Anamanaguchi gave out some big news and a special treat for their fans. Previously set for “Spring 2013,” Endless Fantasy has been given an official release date of May 14. Even though they’ve been around for a while, the chiptune rockers have only two other LPs to their name, Dawn Metropolis and the soundtrack for the Scott Pilgrim game, so it’s hard for a supporter not to be excited. As well as a release date, [...]


[Chipfinite Weekly] An (Inter)Stellar Album

Previously on Chipfinite Weekly, we’ve heavily featured artists and albums with an unconventional or creative slant on the chiptune genre, and for good reason- the fusion of multiple disparate sounds, when carried out skillfully, can be something amazing to listen to. However, for something to break new ground and set itself apart, there also has to be a high-level benchmark, a conventional standard to be compared against. Of all of the “conventional” chiptune artists I’ve listened to, there are few [...]

[Featurama] Love CAN Bloom on a Battlefield

Since I picked up Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones from the 3DS Ambassador program, I’ve been enthralled with a certain aspect of the series, one that is truly able to set it apart from the rest: relationships. Despite the cold, heartless rigidity of grid and number-based combat, Fire Emblem has been able to connect to players through its many colorful characters and their interactions. More than any other game in the series, relationships and romance are truly at the heart of the [...]

[News] Fire Emblem: Awakening Delayed Several Days, Millions Weep

In news that has severely dampened my Monday, Game Informer reports that Fire Emblem: Awakening, the nigh-upon-us latest installment in Nintendo and Intelligent Systems’ SRPG franchise, while still launching in digital form tomorrow, will not be reaching the physical shelves of some retailers until as late as Friday the 8th. Chalked up to a “shipping error,” the title seems to have been delayed from its February 4th release date until the 6th for Best Buy, and the 8th for most GameStops, [...]

[Chipfinite Weekly] Getting Savvy with J. Arthur Keenes

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’ll spell it out- I adore chiptune that ignores boundaries, fusing styles and instruments from anywhere and everywhere in order to produce a creative and entertaining sound. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that this week’s artist, Daniel McLay’s one-man J. Arthur Keenes Band does just this on Computer Savvy, bringing his Gameboy together with various instruments and genres to create a stupendous indie chip-pop album.

[Chipfinite Weekly] NES Jamming

I’ve decided that this edition of Chipfinite Weekly will start off with a riddle. Here’s a good one: what do you get when you cross an NES and a keyboard? The answer is simple: an amazing album. Courtesy of chip artist Shnabubula, NES Jams is, by and large, the most impressive and entertaining album in the area of classic game arrangements that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. Why may that be? How about you hit the [...]

[News] Super Hexagon Spins Onto Android

Fans of soul-crushing geometric obstacle courses in possession of Android phones and tablets, rejoice! At long last, Terry Cavanagh’s highly acclaimed (by me as well) experiment in bright colors, high-energy music, and insane difficulty has made the transition from iDevice to PC and Mac to Android, and as a celebration, Terry is offering the new version for a discount of 99c. Now for the bad news. Due to previously detailed complications with the Nexus 7 hardware involving inescapable delay in touch-based [...]

[Chipfinite] Anamanaguchi’s New Single is All Kinds of Rad

[youtube][/youtube] …and a few types of terrifying. Released today, the music video for their new single, “Meow,” features the band’s misadventures at what is, depending on who you ask, either the best or the worst arcade ever. One by one, the members each join a crew of cartoonish misfits and have the time of their lives at appropriately themed arcade attractions (Apparently, goths like ball pits. Who knew?) before dying horrible deaths and coming back to life in a cool [...]

[Chipfinite Weekly] We’ve Got the BLUEs- All Three of Them

The holidays are over and “normal” life has once again commenced. Whether it’s back to school or back to jobs, whatever the case is, everyone is back to the old grindstone, and that’s just a little bit depressing. Hopefully, this can be at least partially alleviated by today’s Chipfinite Weekly, which features not one, not two, but three fantastic albums centered around the “blues.” Hop in and take a look at Protodome’s BLUE trilogy!

[Chipfinite Weekly] We Wish You a Merry Chipmas

It’s that time of year, and Christmas is only days away. The tree is in the house, the stockings hung on the mantle, and snow is on the ground (hopefully). However, something is missing. Is it the colorful selection of Christmas cookies? No, those are still here … but half gone. Is it the music? Of course! I know what you’re all thinking: “I want to listen to chip music, but it just doesn’t convey the holiday cheer that I [...]

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