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Tim is an avid PC gamer who has been gaming ever since he can hold an SNES controller. He is usually seen engrossed in a good strategy or RPG title, mulling over whatever nonsense is going on in the industry, or not seen at all. His favorite games include the Total War series, The Deus Ex series, and League of Legends.

[News] Second expansion pack Civ V: Brave New World announced

PC Gamer announced today that Civilization V: Brave New World, the second expansion pack for Civilization V, will be releasing this summer. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features this expansion will bring to the game, including the drastic changes: The World Congress will allow civilizations to make decisions regarding things such as trade sanctions, resource spending caps, and nuclear weapons. Civilizations can win through Culture Victory by dominating the arts and archaeology. International trade will allow [...]

[News] Dishonored DLC, “The Knife of Dunwall”, available April 16th

According to bethblog, a new piece of DLC is coming out for Dishonored in a month! The Knife of Dunwall puts the player in Daud’s shoes, a major villain in the game. Not only will players be able to see the story from a completely different perspective, they will get access to new powers such as “Summon Assassin”, and new weapons such as the wristbow. More importantly, a new array of areas are available to discover such as the “Rothwild Slaughterhouse”. [...]

[News] EA apologizes for SimCity server issues with free game

Purchasers of SimCity have not been having a good experience lately- experiencing server issues resulting in queue times, unsaved games, and other technical issues across the board. EA released a statement today apologizing for the server problems, stating “a lot more people logged on than we expected.” Many people would agree with me that this is pretty odd at the very least, considering they would probably have an idea of the amount of preorders for the game. Nevertheless, EA states [...]

[News] Age of Empires II HD will be launching on Steam this April

Age of Empires II, a much-beloved RTS strategy fans may remember from their high school days, is being re-released as Age of Empires II HD April 9th. This new version includes both the original game as well as the Conquerors expansion, and introduces small graphical updates such as better textures for terrain and support for 1080p displays. An even more significant change is that it will be released on Steam, with all the good stuff that comes with it: matchmaking [...]

[Review] Crysis 3 – A Return to the Jungle? (Singleplayer)

Although the Crysis series’ claim to fame is arguably its flashy graphics and technical bells and whistles, the sci-fi shooter is much more than meets the eye. One would find more than the typical run-and-gun gameplay or the run-of-the-mill military FPS in the suit mechanics, open levels, and gun customization which are hallmarks of the Crysis series. Even though the three games have a lot in common, there are significant changes throughout each one, both in gameplay and setting. Hit [...]

[News] Massive Amazon PC game sale!

A massive PC game sale is going on at Amazon from now until the end of February. You can save up to 75% off on digital downloads. Plus, they are offering a coupon code for each customer to save a further 25%! Check out these deals you don’t want to miss out on: Max Payne Complete: $19.99 ($14.99 with coupon) Civilization V: $14.99 ($11.25 with coupon) Hitman: Absolution: $16.49 ($12.37 with coupon) Tropico 4: $7.49 ($5.62 with coupon) Dead Space [...]

[News] Ubisoft’s Uplay to be selling games of competing publishers

According to Gamasutra, Ubisoft’s digital distribution service Uplay will begin selling games published by its competitors, such as EA. In turn, Ubisoft games begin to be sold on EA’s Origin platform. This is all part of an effort to improve their services, which are increasingly becoming more competitive with Steam. In addition to selling a larger selection of games, Ubisoft plans to emphasize Uplay as a social tool, and feature weekend sales. In an industry where digital distribution is becoming [...]

[News] Amnesia: Machine for Pigs final version done, release date announced

Good news for Amnesia fans! According to Frictional Games website, the final version of Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, the sequel to the popular horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent, has been finished. After a year’s worth of work, the horror title only has its final touches to be done, such as porting and testing. The game had been originally planned to be released Halloween of 2012, but due to its expansion into a much larger project, its release date will [...]

[News] Steam Linux Sale!

To celebrate the porting of steam games to linux, Steam is holding a celebration sale for a variety of games. Here are some of the deals: Amnesia: The Dark Descent: 75% off- $5.00 Spacechem: 50% off- $4.99 Trine 2: 75% off- $3.74 Killing Floor: 66% off- $6.80 Bastion: 75% off- $3.74 Crusader King II: 75% off- $9.99 These are only some of a sweet deals available until the 21st. Check them out!

[News] Ouya will be sold at major retailers this June

Remember the massively successful Kickstarter for an Android-based console with the funny name? Well, gamers spoke with their wallets ($8.5 million strong), and the Ouya will (hopefully) deliver in the very near future: according to theverge, Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman announced today that Kickstarter backers should receive their consoles this March, the Ouya site will begin to sell their consoles in April, and retail chains including Best Buy, Gamestop, and Target will have the Ouya on shelves in June. The [...]

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