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I have been gaming for as long as I can remember. I started with the timeless classic Mario Bros. and have been working my way up since. I started gaming originally due to a lack of good hand coordination but while improving my skills, I also found my hobby. I believe that the gaming industry is the biggest entertainment industry right now. I plan on watching it grow into something great and will be a part of it till the day I die. Favorite Games: The Darkness (Series), Jak and Daxter (Series), Metal Gear Solid (Series), Halo (Series), Gears of War (Series), Shadow of the Colossus, inFAMOUS 2, Shadows of the Damned, Resident Evil 4, Rock Band 3, Mario Kart and Alan Wake.

[Review] Alan Wake: American Nightmare

  Remedy Entertainment brings us back into the shadowy world of Alan Wake, going from a retail edition to a smaller arcade game this time around. It has been two years since we last saw Alan Wake take the plunge into the darkness of his own mind, fighting shadowy beings and even his best friend. Now, Alan has written himself into an episode of Night Springs in an attempt to finally free himself from this maddening nightmare. Mr. Scratch, Alan’s doppelganger, has different plans for [...]

[News] Kojima Productions Wants You… To Guess The Next MGS?

Kojima Productions released a page stating that it will be at GDC this year. Not only that, but they are looking for skillful engineers, artists and game creators. While this may be a big chance for game designers, what is so exciting about this to the general game public? Well, the page has a teaser for their next project. While it may not show much, the page does drop a few hints. The entering page states “Development Without Borders” which [...]

[News] SSX Demo Available Next Week

[youtube][/youtube] EA Sports revealed earlier today that a demo for SSX will be available next week for Xbox LIVE (Feb. 21st) and PSN (Feb. 22nd). The demo will give you a good taste of some of the music tracks of the game and gameplay mechanics, such as the improved grinding. The most interesting aspect of the demo lies in it’s online enabled content. Whenever you race in SSX, it saves a ghost of your best run through. Then, RiderNet compares [...]

[News] The Rubberbandits Get Their Own Game?

Open Emotion Studios announced just announced that they are developing a new iOS game starring Limerick’s famous comedy hip-hop artists, the Rubberbandits. Rubberbandits: The Revenge of Stephen Forward has been given only a small detail about what it might entail. The scenarios have been written by the dynamic plastic bag wearing duo themselves which include “Jock goats that fire lasers and free Willie O DJ from Jail for assaulting dole queue.” Open Emotions Studios CEO Paddy Murphy stated that the game will be “an amazing [...]

[News] Gotham City Impostors Attacked with 105 Micro Transactions

This morning started out like any other morning for me. I booted up my Xbox 360 and started to browse the new content that was released today. I noticed a rather large amount of the new add on space was taken up with some Gotham City Impostors DLC. I shrugged it off and continued to scroll only to find that most of the space was taken up by this DLC. I investigated it further and realized that all this DLC [...]

[News] Simpsons Arcade Is Finally Coming To PSN And XBLA

I never thought I would be able to type those words. Konami officially announced today on their twitter feed that the classic beat-em-up Simpsons Arcade will be arriving on PSN and Xbox Live. With this release, Konami stated that this game will indeed have four player online co-op. Along with that, they have also mentioned that there are a few different modes to make you revisit Springfield more often. There’s the default “Quarters” mode where you play until you run out [...]

[Preview] The Darkness II

Jackie Estacado hasn’t had the best life. Growing up in a mob, being betrayed and losing the love of life doesn’t make a good man. On top of all that, he is possessed by a being known as the Darkness. After taking revenge for the death of his girlfriend, he has been taking it easy. Now, four years later, Jackie is forced to unleash the Darkness once again to save himself. However, once you let out the Darkness, it isn’t [...]

[News] Call Of Duty Elite Starts Nine Month DLC Season

Many fans of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 subscribed to the Call Of Duty Elite service. The premium members were promised improved stat tracking, clans, exclusive videos and DLC. Well, the first set of maps is set to release first on Xbox on January 24th. The first two maps being released are Liberation and Piazza. Liberation takes place in Manhattan while Piazza takes place in a town on the coast of Italy. This is just the tip of the [...]

[Review] NFL Blitz

I remember the arcades in the nineties. The loud Dance Dance Revolution machines, the House of the Dead light gun games and then… there were the Blitz cabinets. Blitz was the king of the arcade extreme sports games in the late nineties to the early two-thousand. However, the Blitz franchise has been in a slump sadly in the past few installments. Can EA get a winning formula by going back to the roots while adding a few new online features?