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Alex is the name. I'm 21 and a senior Gator at the University of Florida. Growing up in a Cuban culture, one demented hobby of mine as a kid was scaring my fellow Cuban classmates into thinking that Fidel Castro was my grandfather. I'm into a lot of things but some of my favorites are Pokemon, Mass Effect, Persona, football (DAAAAAAAA BEARS), Doctor Who, and Power Rangers. Please send me stupid stuff on Twitter @thecastroregime #15 Brandon Marshall is my babydaddy.

PAX East 2014 Twinfinite Sexy Fun Time Award Winners!

If you could not keep up with our announcements on Twitter, you may have missed out on seeing who were the winners of our Sexy Fun Time Awards at PAX East this year. No worries, they’re all compiled right here for you. These are the games we believed to be the absolute best that PAX East 2014 had to offer. They are listed in no particular order. Evolve, by Turtle Rock Studios Lichdom: Battle Mage, by Xaviant Games Not A [...]


PAX East – Murdered: Soul Suspect Interview with the Executive Producer and Art Director

Today, I was elated to have a chance to have an interview with both the Art Director and Executive Producer of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Dennis Price and Naoto Sugiyama. Among the things discussed were: 1. Why did they decide on a character like Ronan as their lead? 2. What was the process like of developing such complex NPCs with individual stories and backgrounds? 3. What led to the decision to make a ghost-styled mystery game? It was an awesome interview [...]


PAX East – Gods Will Be Watching Interview with Developer Jordi de Paco

Upcoming indie title Gods Will Be Watching by Deconstructeam has always been considered to be a bit of a departure from the point-and-click thriller genre. Here, players will actually assume the roles of hostage-takers and be forced to make some morally questionable decisions. It is without a doubt an interesting game, so we decided to have a chat with one of the lead developers of Gods Will Be Watching, Jordi de Paco. Among the things discussed were: 1. How would [...]

PAX East – Murdered: Soul Suspect Hands-on Impressions

Murdered: Soul Suspect is an upcoming action-adventure, detective-styled game developed by Airtight Games (published by Square Enix) in development for PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox One. During PAX East, I got the chance to sit down with the game and play about the first half hour of it. Murdered: Soul Suspect was definitely one of the best titles in attendance at PAX East. As something that I can only describe as a cross between Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective [...]

PAX East — Edge of Space Hands-on Impressions

Edge of Space is an indie terraforming game developed by Handyman Studios. Without a doubt, the game can, will, and has attracted similarities to Terraria, but holds enough of its own to make it interesting and worth your time. What is immediately apparent about Edge of Space is just how much there is to do. The game revolves around terraforming and exploration. As you might imagine, you have an entire world in front of you to explore, one that Handyman [...]

PAX East — Therian Saga Hands-off Impressions

Therian Saga is a fantasy, browser-based role-playing game developed by indie studio Virtys. The game revolves around the player managing their large cast of heroes and their days, charging them with certain tasks and assignments that will be carried out regardless of whether the player is presently online or not. Developer Virtys described the game as one that emphasizes its social aspects and community-building. The “goal” of the game (as there is no true finality to the game) is to [...]

PAX East – Organic Panic Hands-On Impressions

Organic Panic is a 2.5D Action-Puzzle platformer in development for every platform under the sun. Without a doubt my favorite indie title of PAX East 2014, Organic Panic prides itself in being a platformer with such dynamic environments that just about every inch of the map can be destroyed. As mentioned, Organic Panic‘s primary claim to fame (among many) is its fantastic physics. Movement is entirely defined by the influence of standard physics: streams of water will flush you away, [...]

PAX East – Jungle Rumble Hands-on Impressions

Jungle Rumble is a rhythm game developed by indie studio Disco Pixel for iOS and Android. The game revolves around defeating an enemy monkey tribe threatening to steal your banana horde and, consequently, your very ability to survive. The game makes some reference to starvation, but this reference does nothing to damage the game’s incredibly happy tone. Rather, Jungle Rumble is an incredibly upbeat, happy game, just as you would expect from a rhythm game. Indeed, everything about the game [...]

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