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Devoun is a amateur writer from Arizona spending summer nights with an LCD illuminating his face, and scribbling words into a google document with a 40oz nearby.

Sony Discounts 30 Games In Latest PSN Flash Sale

Sony has cut the price of thirty PSN titles to the low, low price of $0.99 in their latest PSN flash sale. Some of those titles include the critically acclaimed games like Johnathon Blow’s Braid and Backbone Entertainment’s Everyday Shooter. The sale starts today and will be running until Monday, April 21 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific. If you gotta spare dollar laying around be sure to check out the list below, or if you happen to have a super rare thirty-dollar bill laying around you can buy them [...]

Krautscape Preview – Do You Wanna Build A Racetrack? It Doesn’t Have To Be A Racetrack

Krautscape, from Mario Von Rickenbach, separates itself from the rest of the racing genre by letting players procedurally generate tracks — there are no set tracks in Krautscape, and every single track you race on will be unique. Combine that with an interesting take on course altering power-ups, and Krautscape is an early-access game ripened to pique the curiosity of racing fans. Krautscape splits the road into four sections; each section corresponding to the type of track the player will lay next. For instance, driving in the [...]


Thirty Minutes of Chroma Squad Gameplay For Your Eyeballs

Unless you’re able to be in more than one place at a time, chances are you missed some stuff at PAX East. Hell, I know I missed a ton of stuff, and one of them was regretfully the sentai inspired Chroma Squad, from Behold Studios. Luckily, Behold was nice enough to post the entire 30-minute demo on their YouTube channel. Chroma Squad is a homage to Japanese sentai television shows — e.g., Power Rangers. In the game players will be creating their own sentai television [...]

PAX East – Road Not Taken Hands-On Impressions

Walking up to Spry Fox’s Road Not Taken‘s booth instantly sets the tone for the game. Banners of the games subtle, chilling aesthetic hang above a demo table dressed with flowers. Road Not Taken is a beautiful puzzle, roguelike about building relationships and sacrifice. The demo starts with the mysterious hooded ranger being rowed into town. Upon arriving, a grieving mother pleads with the ranger to help find her child; that is the rangers task. Saving children from the grasp of the [...]

PAX East – Not A Hero Hands-On Impressions

I cannot say anything bad about Roll7, or Not A Hero. This entire post is going to be me gushing about the little bit of Not A Hero I played. Plain and simple, It’s good. I mean, what did you expect from the makers of OlliOlli ? They are wizards with mechanics, and have a sense of humor that permeates throughout all of their games. Not A Hero is just the next step in their plan for world domination. When Not A Hero was announced I was, admittedly, [...]

PAX East – High Strangeness Hands-On Impressions

High Strangeness, from Barnyard Intelligence, is doubly and aptly retro. Its been inspired by the RPGs, and adventure games from the 8-bit and 16-bit generation, and the game wholly reflects the pros and cons of those generations. High Strangeness has a really neat trick that turns the perspective from 8-bit to 16-bit at the players will. Barnyard uses the transition from 8-bit to 16-bit to create a very interesting puzzle, adventure RPG mash-up that is well worth a look at. The transition has combat and [...]

PAX East – JetGetters Hands-On Impressions

JetGetters, from tinyBuild, successfully mashes two utterly antithetical game concepts together. It takes the shenanigans of the grappling hook from Just Cause 2 and combines it with the intense dog fighting from the Battlefield series. The hook, however, is that JetGetters is not so much focused on the one-to-one simulation Battlefield attempts. In fact, tinyBuild has put an emphasis on ensuring the game felt great to play, which it undoubtedly does. The build I got hands on with was showcasing some of the core game-play mechanics. With hijacking being the [...]

PAX East – Godfire: Rise of Prometheus Hands-On Impressions

Vivid Games’ GodFire: Rise of Prometheus looks like a very expensive mobile version of Ryse. It is shockingly similar in a multitude of ways, especially, in terms of the combat, which revolves around blocking blows from enemies and countering with a flurry off well-timed heavy and light attacks, hopefully, resulting in a blood-tacular execution. This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but the game manages to pull it off — even with a thin layer of jank. Firstly, the [...]

PAX East – Fenix Rage Hands-On Impressions

Fenix Rage is by far the best game I have played at PAX East. Costa Rica-based Green Lava Studios front-man, Eduardo Ramirez has an impeccable knack for level design as well as mechanics, and it shows. Fenix Rage is polished beyond belief. The main character, Fenix, controlled like an extension of my thumbs. I had a laugh to myself when Eduardo first told me, “it was all about getting the cookie.” Sounds a bit like a sexual innuendo, right? I couldn’t help [...]

PAX East – Project Cyber Hands-On Impressions

All you have to do is look at what Spearhead did with Tiny Brains, and the transition to a three vs. three, team based multi-player game, entitled Project Cyber (working title), seems like a no-brainer. Tiny Brains was at its best when it was able to use the unique abilities of each individual character in Tiny Brains, Project Cyber takes that foundation and expands it. Project Cyber is played by each team using the abilities of a character to propel a disc into the goal of the opposing team (think [...]

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