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LEGO The Hobbit Review – Going on an Adventure

Over the past 9 years, the LEGO series has evolved into an established franchise in the same vein as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. Annual installments may have diminished the original luster of the series but each one is still a great game on its own. Developer Traveller’s Tales follow their established formula of taking a popular entertainment franchise and “LEGO-fying” it into a family-fun experience that captures the spirit of the source material. And just like the last [...]


Games You’re Looking Forward to This Year? – Twinfinite Discusses

Hey there! We’re back with another Twinfinite Discusses with special guest Muaz! He’s filling in for Austin and Alex these couple of weeks as they ran off to get married and go on their honeymoon, but we weren’t invited. I know, it’s a very confusing story that almost sounds like a lie (they’ll be back in a couple of weeks). This Twinfinite Discusses, we tackled the questions you sent in. Such topics as which games we’re looking forward to this [...]

PAX East – Sniper Elite 3 Hands-On Impressions

In a world of run-and-gun military shooters, Sniper Elite 3 stands against them all and pushes back against the status quo. The latest game in Rebellion’s Sniper Elite series drops players into North Africa during WWII. Along with a new setting, the game comes packed with new and upgraded features sure to ensnare both past Sniper Elite fans and newbies to the series. Even as someone who has little skill when it comes to shooters, I found myself enjoying what Sniper Elite 3 had [...]


PAX East – Sniper Elite 3 Interview with Robbie Cooke

Any interview where we can seriously discuss blood splatter and new X-ray killcam tech is a good one in my book. After checking out Sniper Elite 3, I met with Robbie Cooke from Rebellion and did just that. Immediately after playing the game, we met to talk about some of the big features of the upcoming game including new stealth mechanics, next gen editions, and the most graphic anatomy lesson I’ve ever had. 


PAX East – Murdered: Soul Suspect Interview with the Executive Producer and Art Director

Today, I was elated to have a chance to have an interview with both the Art Director and Executive Producer of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Dennis Price and Naoto Sugiyama. Among the things discussed were: 1. Why did they decide on a character like Ronan as their lead? 2. What was the process like of developing such complex NPCs with individual stories and backgrounds? 3. What led to the decision to make a ghost-styled mystery game? It was an awesome interview [...]

DrinkBox Studios Announces Severed, a Trippy-Looking Adventure

DrinkBox Studios, the guys who brought us indie hit Guacamelee!, has just revealed its newest game in a press release today. This one’s called Severed which stars a female warrior who finds herself lost in a strange new world. Players will piece the unnamed warrior’s story together as the game progresses and experience a zany, colourful world in Severed. More details about this trippy-looking game were also provided: – Take on the role of a heroine in this first-person, dungeon [...]

PAX East – Road Not Taken Hands-On Impressions

Walking up to Spry Fox’s Road Not Taken‘s booth instantly sets the tone for the game. Banners of the games subtle, chilling aesthetic hang above a demo table dressed with flowers. Road Not Taken is a beautiful puzzle, roguelike about building relationships and sacrifice. The demo starts with the mysterious hooded ranger being rowed into town. Upon arriving, a grieving mother pleads with the ranger to help find her child; that is the rangers task. Saving children from the grasp of the [...]

New Evolve Screenshots Showcase Impressive Beasts

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a hulking beast and bashing your friends’ virtual brains in, then you should be on the lookout for Evolve, the upcoming title from Turtle Rock Studios. The multiplayer shooter pits prey against predator, as players will choose a daring hunter or gruesome monster in a competitive 4v1 match. Six new screenshots of Turtle Rock’s title surfaced today, giving some insight into the evolving monsters and 4v1 game style. Most of the images showcase the awesome [...]

MotoGP and WRC Developer to Put Fans’ Faces Onto Characters of Their Next Game

You might not have heard of Milestone S.r.L. They’re not Criterion or Turn 10, but the Italian developer has been relentlessly pushing out motorbike and rally racing sims for twenty years, and while that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, they’ve certainly won the hearts of whom’s it is. As a token of appreciation for the people who come back every year to drool over the fidelity of MotoGP, World Racing Championships and SBK, their website now allows users to upload a picture of [...]

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