New Abilities, Capture Mode Editor Coming To GTA Online

The launch of GTA Online has been met with a practically mute reaction from the majority of gamers, outright disdain from the minority, and basically no love and affection on the whole. Surprising, given the hype surrounding the online mode when it was first detailed last year. A lot of that has to do with the lack of co-op heists, one of the earliest and most exciting mechanics of Online announced, actually coming out. Perhaps, however, the tide is turning; [...]


A Look at New World of Tanks Game Modes in Latest Dev Diary

The developers at have been steadily released a series of videos that show their works in progress as they strive to expand and refine their titles, including the popular World of Tanks. The latest episode of the developer diary focuses on two new game modes that are set to be introduced to the game sometime this year. The first of the modes is called Fortification which allows clans to construct various buildings economic bonuses, and the second is Historical [...]

Secret Ponchos Will Be Early Accessing It up on PC

Switchblade Monkeys announced today that Secret Ponchos won’t just be limited to PS4 users, it’s opening up to the PC elitists as well. This summer, the new “spaghetti western” indie title will be available on Steam through Early Access to help with the development and get it to its full potential by the time it launches officially on PC and PS4. No word on when that will be, though. I’m excited for Secret Ponchos either way; I’m not alone in [...]

In the Beginning, Valve Rejected Braid

Many people herald Braid as the beginning of the indie developers movement. Jonathan Blow’s new take on the platform genre turned into a breakout hit on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. It’s hard to imagine where gaming would be right now without Braid as it really did show up and prove that an indie developer could make something that can move as many units as big publishers. It’s shocking in hindsight to hear then that Valve didn’t think the game [...]

The Last of Us: Remastered Coming Soon

A Sony executive revealed last month that a next-gen version of critically acclaimed PS3 game The Last of Us might be in the works. Well, a banner advertisement was released on the US Sony Entertainment Network website showing off a certain title called The Last of Us Remastered. It looks like it’ll be available for a digital download at $59.99, hopefully with all the DLC packs thrown in as well. I expect it won’t be long before Sony and Naughty [...]

Does Phil Spencer Want To Eliminate Gold Requirement for Apps and MMOs?

Since taking over as czar of all things “Xbox”, Phil Spencer has been quite busy responding to all kinds of questions and concerns from his new subjects on Twitter. A particularly intriguing exchange of tweets opens the door for a possible change of heart on the issue of apps and games (usually MMOs) requiring a paid Xbox Live Gold account on top of any other additional subscription fees.

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