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Exogenesis – A Post-Apocalyptic Tokyo Visual Novel Where Ace Attorney Meets Zero Escape

Exogenesis: Peril of Rebirth is an upcoming visual novel developed by indie studio Kwan for PC. Exogenesis was born out of a fervent love of Ace Attorney and Zero Escape, effectively making it an adventure visual novel hybrid that takes point-and-click elements  and combines them with adventure elements to really highlight the storytelling medium. Exogenesis is set to boast an incredible amount of hours of gameplay, spanning 6 planned chapters and over 150,000 words. According to the Kickstarter, players are promised [...]

Forward To The Sky Launches Indiegogo Campaign

Developed by Magichnology, Forward To The Sky is an upcoming PC indie being branded as a “Zelda-like 3D action adventure game.” And without a doubt, it looks like a Zelda game, except with just a bit more emphasis on puzzles. Forward to the Sky plays in third person and is an action adventure game taking place in a sky tower. The game features all of puzzles, action, adventure, and a bright art style. The developers need some help getting their [...]

Help Kickstart OMOCAT’s Game, OMORI

Popular internet artist OMOCAT is known for her creative and inventive comics and line of apparel, and now has a game on the way, via Kickstarter. OMORI is a horror adventure-RPG based on a comic of the same name, featuring a mysterious boy who awakens in a mysterious white room. As Omori meets more friends outside of his mysterious world, a grand adventure begins to take form. The game is described in nature to the Mother games and has players [...]

Fan Remakes Resident Evil 2 with RE4 Mechanics

As some yearn for the olden days, some also groan at it. Unlike a fine wine, the first Resident Evil games for PlayStation 1 have not aged particularly well over the past few decades. The first game did receive its own remake back for the GameCube in 2002. While praised by critics, the franchise has since taken a very different creative turn over the years, starting with Resident Evil 4. Seeing as Resident Evil 2 never did get any kind [...]


Stealth Puzzle Game Third Eye Crime Launches on iOS

Starting today, Third Eye Crime will be available for download on iOS devices. The noir stealth puzzler is the second release from indie dev Moonshot Games, which is populated with talent that has years of experience working on the Halo series for Bungie. The game follows Rothko, a criminal who can telepathically predict enemy movements. Instead of simply sneaking through levels, players also have to use their telepathy to misdirect guards to escape with all the valuables they can acquire. [...]

New Zombies Ate My Pizza Update Includes More Dungeons and Matches

Games publisher R2Games has just released a major update pack for their MMO title Zombies Ate My Pizza. The new features will be available for players who are above level 30 and are detailed below: 3v3 Cross-Server Arena: Unlocked at Level 38, in this PvP system players form parties of three in their own server and are then matched against equivalent parties from other servers. Points are granted to a victory, and players can get points up to 10 times [...]


Take a Few Balls to the Face in Lethal League

If you were to throw a Stephen Chow movie, baseball, a 16-bit fighting game, and some Wu-Tang-esque beats into a blender, you’d probably make Lethal League. Dutch developer Reptile Games did exactly that and are bringing this one of a kind “projectile based” fighting game. What it essentially boils down to is your character facing off against either a friend or the computer and whacking a giant ball at each other to do damage. The game allows up to four [...]


Star Citizen Gameplay Footage, Now in HD!

I’ve been following the development of Star Citizen for a while now. Last I’d checked, the entirely crowdfunded PC space-sim had raised around $40 million. In a little over a month, another $2 million has been contributed to the ambitious project. But what’s even more exciting is the recent gameplay footage. Chris Roberts and his team (Roberts Space Industries) were at PAX East a few weeks ago to reveal the game’s dogfighting module. And holy shit is it gorgeous. In [...]

REalM is an Indie Horror Game And First Game On The Square Enix Collective

I’m of the mind that fear isn’t based off of any pre-determined trigger. Sure, clowns are universally scary, but nightmares are all deeply personal, and there is a special curiosity with getting close to that which terrifies you most. Those were just thoughts in my head as I was looking at REalM, an indie horror platformer from developers Arbor Sheep and Authentic Illusions. You see, graphics are all fine and well, but the games that interest me the most are [...]

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