Unriddle Your Mind in Path to the Thalamus

I’m a sucker when it comes to anything psychology-related in gaming. So naturally the title of Carlos Coronado’s upcoming indie game, Mind: Path to the Thalamus, piqued my curiosity. The trailer, which you can view above, begins with a strange question: “How many times will I kill her?” The thalamus helps regulate our cycles of sleep and wakefulness, as well as control how aware and alert we are. Sleep disorders have been linked to a malfunctioning thalamus, and severe enough [...]

Twinfinite Insider – April Fools and Miranda’s Butt Edition!

[Welcome to Twinfinite Insider, your home for a summary of what went on this week at Twinfinite that you may have missed. We’ll be listing all the features we posted about, from Monday until Sunday.] Well, this was a slightly uneventful April Fools’ Day this year. With only the slightest amount of bias, I think Negative Gamers was perhaps my favorite April Fools prank. Holiday or not, however, Miranda Lawson’s posterior from the Mass Effect series always seems to be [...]


New SOMA Trailer Reveals Underwater Setting

I have a crippling fear of water. I don’t mean rain showers or even swimming pools, I’m talking about large, deep bodies of water, water as far as the eye can see. The ocean absolutely terrifies me. It’s partially a fear of drowning, but also a fear of the unknown. We know more about outer space than we do our own ocean. Who knows what’s down there, lurking. A few days ago Frictional Games revealed that SOMA, their highly anticipated [...]


Always Sometimes Monsters Gets a Release Date, Get Hype

Always Sometimes Monsters is one of those titles I’m insanely looking forward to this year. After checking it out at PAX Prime last year, it took away one of our coveted Drool Awards. (You can check out Alissa’s preview here and her interview with Vagabond Dog here.) With player choice taking such a heavy role in the game, you bet your ass I’m excited. It seems now I know the day of reckoning, since Always Sometimes Monsters is set to [...]


Uncharted in Space? Yes, Please – Vlogging About Video Games

Hello beautiful humans, I’m back to vlog about video game stuff for the week. Boy oh boy, it’s never a dull week, is it? Well, last week would have been had it not been for that total save from Facebook. They really took one for the team there. Anyway, let’s vlog about video games. Specifically about how I’m a hype-less robot, Uncharted in space would be dope, and the Tropico 5 devs hate my guts.


Are You Tough Enough to Take on the Glorkian Warrior?

One of my favorite cartoonists of all time has to be James Kochalka, creator of American Elf and Superf*ckers. For some time now, Kochalka’s been working alongside the good folk at Pixeljam on  a new game tie-in for his newest comic.  The results are The Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork. The game is a Galaga style shmup available now on iOS featuring the titular Glork and 100% hand drawn visuals by Kochalka.  The game is pretty and fun and definitely worth checking out if you’ve got an [...]

Get Six Great Games in the Destructoid Humble Bundle

The Humble Bundle’s been getting more and more guest hosts, especially since bundles were opened up to companies like EA and Sega, and now it looks like some gaming communities are getting in on the action.  This week’s Humble Bundle features a variety of games picked out by Destructoid, and oh man, is it a pretty solid bundle.  Paying more than the average this week nets you Little Inferno, Super Hexagon, Natural Selection 2, Critter Crunch, Pixeljunk Monsters, and Hotline Miami. By this [...]


Check Out the Pretty and Bizarre World of Tentacles: Enter the Mind

Tentacles are strange things. They make Octodad frustrating, and they make anime weird. One other thing they, however, is make lay the foundation of a game as bizarre as it is pretty in Tentacles: Enter the Mind. The developers at Press Play are at it again after creating Max: The Curse of Brotherhood, the visually stunning side-scrolling platformer for Xbox One that Alex on staff simply adored. Tentacles: Enter the Mind seems like a relatively simple game as you embark [...]

The Behemoth Launches Gold Egg Project, AKA Indie Sugar Daddy Project

Turns out the people behind The Behemoth aren’t just (awesome) video game developers, they’re also savvy business people. They’ve launched two new subdivisions for their company: The Research Centaurs and Gold Egg Project. The Research Centaurs portion is straightforward in that they’ll basically play the role of consultants for other indie devs, offering user experience and quality assurance services. What’s more interesting to me is the Gold Egg Project, where indie developers will be chosen to receive possible funding from [...]

“Game Canada” – Canadian Videogame Award Nominations Announced

The nominations for the 2013 Canadian Videogame awards were announced for seventeen categories. Seeing the list, it’s impressive to see how many great games of all types and sizes are developed by studios here in the Great White North…and there isn’t even a BioWare title up for anything this year! Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV leads the way with 12 nominations, while titles as diverse as Batman: Arkham Origins, Don’t Starve, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon are not far behind. Winners [...]

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