The Behemoth Launches Gold Egg Project, AKA Indie Sugar Daddy Project

Turns out the people behind The Behemoth aren’t just (awesome) video game developers, they’re also savvy business people. They’ve launched two new subdivisions for their company: The Research Centaurs and Gold Egg Project. The Research Centaurs portion is straightforward in that they’ll basically play the role of consultants for other indie devs, offering user experience and quality assurance services. What’s more interesting to me is the Gold Egg Project, where indie developers will be chosen to receive possible funding from [...]

“Game Canada” – Canadian Videogame Award Nominations Announced

The nominations for the 2013 Canadian Videogame awards were announced for seventeen categories. Seeing the list, it’s impressive to see how many great games of all types and sizes are developed by studios here in the Great White North…and there isn’t even a BioWare title up for anything this year! Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed IV leads the way with 12 nominations, while titles as diverse as Batman: Arkham Origins, Don’t Starve, and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon are not far behind. Winners [...]

Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan Act I Review – Ireland, but With Robots and Stuff

A technopunk retelling of a Celtic tale, Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan is a hand drawn action-adventure following the quest of a young boy to save his village after the machine powering the village is sabotaged. Ku puts a unique spin on this classic coming of age story, but that quirk isn’t enough to excuse what sometimes just feels like an unpolished game. The opening scene of the game establishes the absolute barebones of the story. In a cutscene, two praying mantis-esque [...]

RefleX Now Available on Steam

We live in a golden age for shoot ‘em ups. This one niche genre is now available to us more than ever and yesterday, Nyu-Media released on Steam, RefleX the first title in the Greenlit Tale of ALLTYNEX trilogy. SITER SKAIN’s doujin shoot ‘em up is considered one of the best in the market and it is now available on Steam for $7.99. Below is a plot summary and link to the store page but seriously, check out this game [...]

Peter Molyneux Predicts Doom For Indie Craze

‘What are Peter Molyneux’s opinions today?’, the clarion call echoes across the internet’s vast plains. It’s true, old Molly’s word is doctrine, and we live only to live by its solemn decree. Today’s ruling: indie games are all going to die. Okay, pushing hyperbolic nonsense aside and retrieving journalistic integrity – in an interview with CVG, Peter Molyneux, legendary bald bloke who made good games when Bill Clinton was in office has said that the recent enthusiasm for indie games [...]

Nicalis Offering NightSky For Free On The App Store

Nicalis, publishers behind Binding of Issac: Rebirth, Cave Story, and 1001 Spikes, are giving away the critically acclaimed game, NightSky, developed by the very talented Nifflas, for the low price of free on the App Store. All they ask is that if you like it, you rate it. I haven’t gotten around to playing NightSky myself, but I do have a certain affinity for Nicalis’ taste in games, especially when it comes to Cave Story, so I’ll be downloading this as soon as the work day is done.   [...]


Game Design Contest for Women Launches Today

There’s only a few days left in Women’s History Month, and with that in mind The Fine Young Capitalists are hoping to make history. Today they launched a videogame design contest exclusively for women. The winner will see her game produced and digitally distributed, with most of the profits going to charity. As I’m sure you all know, women are direly underrepresented in the games industry. According to one source, In 2011 the video game industry took in over $16 [...]


BoneTown: Mature Edition, Featuring Ron Jeremy, Is Greenlit And Pretty Gross

Today, I came across BoneTown: Mature Edition in the latest batch of Greenlit games. Sometimes, you see something so unfathomably offensive that you can’t even get upset; you just kinda shake your head, and giggle at the preposterous thing you are seeing. BoneTown: Mature Edition is that thing. Now, my feelings about BoneTown: Mature Edition are conflicting, because I think it is funny, but not for the reasons D-Dub, creators of BoneTown, want me to think it is funny. I think it’s funny in the same [...]


Half-Minute Hero 2 Trailer Teases Western Release

Half-Minute Hero fans, it’s hype time. A trailer teasing a possible localization for the second installment in the handheld franchise hit the interwebs this morning. The trailer showcases some of Half-Minute Hero‘s signature fast-paced gameplay and navigation of several multiplayer menus. All of it is in English, of course, so a localization date is imminent. Although there were no official announcements attached to the trailer, the caption promises “Announcements coming soon!” so stay tuned for updates.


Goat Simulator Official Launch Trailer, Yes, That Is a Jetpack

Again, I’m not into the ridiculous games that have you doing silly things because of the insane controls, which Goat Simulator seems to be. But since the Twinfinite team is going crazy about it, here I am, showing you something you might like. I will admit that the hilarious Dead Island-esque trailer kind of sold me, though. Look out for Goat Simulator on Steam April 1st (still not sure if it’s actually real).

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