PAX East — Edge of Space Hands-on Impressions

Edge of Space is an indie terraforming game developed by Handyman Studios. Without a doubt, the game can, will, and has attracted similarities to Terraria, but holds enough of its own to make it interesting and worth your time. What is immediately apparent about Edge of Space is just how much there is to do. The game revolves around terraforming and exploration. As you might imagine, you have an entire world in front of you to explore, one that Handyman [...]

PAX East – Lichdom: Battlemage Hands-On Impressions

I know I’m not alone when I say that playing as a mage in almost any game is just truckloads of fun. The only problem is that there has always been that little drawback to having cooldowns and a finite amount of “mana” to really unleash the pain and become the ultimate mage you know you’d love to be. Well, the developers of Lichdom: Battlemage sympathize and have sought to create that dream game where you can create and cast [...]

PAX East – World Zombination Hands-On Impressions

Zombies versus humans; it’s been done before, so it all comes down to making it something truly unique. From Proletariat comes a new faction-based strategy game that pits the living and the undead against each other in World Zombination. The general gameplay itself may not sound revolutionary, but it tweaks the standard strategy formula for an interesting new take on the zombie genre. In the demo I played, I got to try my hand at performing as the zombie horde. [...]

PAX East – Not A Hero Hands-On Impressions

I cannot say anything bad about Roll7, or Not A Hero. This entire post is going to be me gushing about the little bit of Not A Hero I played. Plain and simple, It’s good. I mean, what did you expect from the makers of OlliOlli ? They are wizards with mechanics, and have a sense of humor that permeates throughout all of their games. Not A Hero is just the next step in their plan for world domination. When Not A Hero was announced I was, admittedly, [...]

PAX East – Game of Thrones: Ascent Hands-Off Impressions

When I saw the words “Game of Thrones” written down on the schedule for PAX East, my eyes widened and I rushed to the computer to sign up. The day came and I ran down to the showfloor to Disruptor Beams’ booth…. and I was sadly disappointed. Game of Thrones: Ascent is a social strategy game that is set in the realm of Westeros that has players take on the identity of a lowly noble in a minor house. Your [...]

PAX East — Therian Saga Hands-off Impressions

Therian Saga is a fantasy, browser-based role-playing game developed by indie studio Virtys. The game revolves around the player managing their large cast of heroes and their days, charging them with certain tasks and assignments that will be carried out regardless of whether the player is presently online or not. Developer Virtys described the game as one that emphasizes its social aspects and community-building. The “goal” of the game (as there is no true finality to the game) is to [...]

PAX East – High Strangeness Hands-On Impressions

High Strangeness, from Barnyard Intelligence, is doubly and aptly retro. Its been inspired by the RPGs, and adventure games from the 8-bit and 16-bit generation, and the game wholly reflects the pros and cons of those generations. High Strangeness has a really neat trick that turns the perspective from 8-bit to 16-bit at the players will. Barnyard uses the transition from 8-bit to 16-bit to create a very interesting puzzle, adventure RPG mash-up that is well worth a look at. The transition has combat and [...]

PAX East – Nuclear Throne to Receive Multiplayer Treatment

Rami Ismail of Vlambeer announced via the PAX Twitch stream today that Nuclear Throne, the procedurally generated, roguelike shoot ‘em up is going to have a multiplayer mode. Ismail emphasized that Vlambeer was using the game’s early access feedback in order to better the game over the course of its development. He noted that fans were continually asking for multiplayer modes, which he admits they had not planned for yet but was a logical next step in the process of making the [...]

PAX East – JetGetters Hands-On Impressions

JetGetters, from tinyBuild, successfully mashes two utterly antithetical game concepts together. It takes the shenanigans of the grappling hook from Just Cause 2 and combines it with the intense dog fighting from the Battlefield series. The hook, however, is that JetGetters is not so much focused on the one-to-one simulation Battlefield attempts. In fact, tinyBuild has put an emphasis on ensuring the game felt great to play, which it undoubtedly does. The build I got hands on with was showcasing some of the core game-play mechanics. With hijacking being the [...]

PAX East – Fract Hands-On Impressions

Fract isn’t your typical music game. Instead of your usual rhythm based button mashing, Fract puts you inside an abstract world and tasks you with fixing the landscape and restoring the music to the world. The game is based highly on the idea of exploration. Unlike most modern first person games, there is very little hand holding. You’re dropped into the world with only the environment to guide you. Puzzles are at the core of the experience as well. Though visual instructions [...]

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