LEGO The Hobbit Review – Going on an Adventure

Over the past 9 years, the LEGO series has evolved into an established franchise in the same vein as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. Annual installments may have diminished the original luster of the series but each one is still a great game on its own. Developer Traveller’s Tales follow their established formula of taking a popular entertainment franchise and “LEGO-fying” it into a family-fun experience that captures the spirit of the source material. And just like the last [...]

Ragnarok Odyssey ACE Review – An Ace For Your Back Pocket

Ragnarok Odyssey came out a little over a year ago for the PS Vita. It was a title that worked well with the console, but the developers weren’t satisfied with their first outing, so they spent some time to expand the game. Now we have the standalone expansion Ragnarok Odyssey ACE for both the PS Vita and PS3 that bolsters a number of new additions. For those new to the genre, Ragnarok Odyssey is similar in concept to Monster Hunter [...]

Quest of Dungeons Review – Rogueing Ain’t Easy

There is always a concern in my head when reviewing procedurally generated Rogue-likes and dungeon crawlers because balancing difficulty with fun can be a struggle for developers. Making sure the levels are approachable, the enemies are balanced, and the players ability to level accordingly are all functioning within this randomized dungeon is critical. The fact that Quest of Dungeons was planned for both iOS and Steam raised some cautionary flags since I was going to be gaming on my PC. [...]

Towerfall Ascension Review – Straight and True

Gather some buddies, crack open a few drinks, and get ready for a night of slinging arrows and insults back and forth for hours on end—Towerfall Ascension is here and ready to take over your lives as the ultimate multiplayer arena fighter.  Is the revamped version of an indie classic an absolute bullseye, or does it just barely miss the mark?

Yoshi’s New Island Review – Can’t Teach an Old Dino New Tricks

I pretty much forgot what it was like to play the original Yoshi’s Island. I mean, I remember the basics of gameplay, its visual style, and the basic feel of controlling Yoshi which remains virtually unchanged after all these years. Aside from that however, I wouldn’t be able to recall any specific moments about the original game. It’s just been too long. So when Nintendo announced Yoshi’s New Island at E3, how can people who loved the original game not [...]

Out There Review – Star Hopping for Answers

I’ve always wondered what it would be like getting lost in space. Would it be as terrifying as I imagine, or more of a peaceful solitude? If Out There by Mi-Clos Studio is any indication, it would be a little bit of both. This iOS/Android space adventure will teach you a thing or two about proper decision making and learning from your mistakes. While it’s hard to cram it into any one genre, I would call this an adventure/survival game, [...]

Bravely Default Review – Have I Played This Before?

Making something “old-school” is usually a sure fire way to cash in on some nostalgia, but it’s also some water that developers must carefully tread. The video game community says they want the olden days of video games back, but would it be worth it? The years aren’t nice to many games, and what was once exciting and revolutionary may not have the same impact; this was evident with Lost Odyssey, a game that delivered the very traditional Final Fantasy-esque [...]

Card City Nights Review – I Choose You Ittle Dew

I’ve been a huge fan of single player card games since SNK vs Capcom: Cardfighter’s Clash on the Neo Geo Pocket. It is a great way to have some fun when you don’t have any friends around to play a game of Magic with you. Ludosity is working off this idea with their new title Card City Nights for Android, PC and iOS devices. Read on to see if those designers over at Ludosity crafted the next great card game.

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