Endless Playlist

Endless Playlist is intended to be an appreciation series where Matt talks about the video game music he enjoyed and still does.

Endless Playlist is intended to be an appreciation series where Matt talks about the video game music he enjoyed and still does.

Twinfinite EP – The Music of Demon’s Souls Creates a Unique Nightmare

[Twinfinite's Endless Playlist counts down to Dark Souls II with the music of Demon's Souls] I always wondered why they replaced Shunsuke Kida, the composer for the music on Demon’s Souls, with Motoi Sakuraba. Having gone online I see that Kida hasn’t done any video game projects in the last three years, which might be the reason for the replacement. Still, I found his work on Demon’s Souls much more enjoyable on its own than Sakuraba’s work on its spiritual sequel, [...]

In Flux Features Big Names in Video Game Music, Available Now

Brave Wave Productions is a record label specializing in bringing together the best talents in the video game industry to create music. Their debut album, World 1-2, was met with acclaim. Now they’re back with their newest album In Flux is available today for purchase. Though not the exclusive theme of the album, In Flux aims to have western and eastern composers collaborate together on various tracks throughout the album. And holy shit are these amazing. Artists such as Manami Matsumae [...]

Twinfinite Endless Playlist – Video Games Live: Level 3 Review

[I was asked to Review the new album from Video Games Live, Video Games Live: Level 3, for this special edition of Twinfinite's Endless Playlist] Video Games Live is an award winning concert series that orchestrates famous video game music for the roaring public. Their combination of classic orchestra and multimedia presentation has made them the go-to video game symphony years before Nintendo went on tour with their Legend of Zelda concerts. Recently, they went to Kickstarter to fund their [...]

Twinfinite’s Endless Playlist: Dark Souls

[Dark Souls II is just two short weeks away. To celebrate, Twinfinite EP will cover the soudntrack for both Souls games leading up to release starting with Dark Souls] I’m gonna be straight with you. For as much as I love Dark Souls (and I love it a lot), I’m willing to go out and say that the soundtrack is the aspect I have the most problem with. I’m not saying it’s bad, but I’m saying that I have certain issues [...]

Twinfinite’s Endless Playlist: Silent Hill

Akira Yamaoka and the Silent Hill name are practically synonymous with each other, despite the composer currently having a banner year at Grasshopper Manufacture. His soundtracks on eight of the ten Silent Hill games (as well as both films) established him as inseparable from the series. It’s hard to imagine there would be Silent Hill games without his music (although the two not featuring him have been serviceable). Even without the games to accompany them, I find his musical work [...]

Twinfinite’s Endless Playlist: Dustforce

[To celebrate Dustforce's release on PSN, this week's Endless Playlist will highlight the game's album] Dustforce is a platformer in which you play one member of a team of incredibly acrobatic janitors. As a humorous take on Mario’s occupational persona, the team from Dustforce seem to actually be janitors while Mario, a plumber in name only, seems to be more of a professional stomper. But if Dustforce was intent on ribbing the most famous of working class heroes, that’s where [...]

Twinfinite’s Endless Playlist: Mighty Switch Force

I spent a long time staring at a blank document trying to make this next thought sound as eloquent and not-gross sounding as possible. I’m here to tell you I failed. I like Mighty Switch Force‘s Patricia Wagon. I like her a lot. She wears skin tight uniforms and doesn’t give a damn. I can dig that. She has a big butt. I can dig that too, but she’s also the most fun female protagonist this side of Bayonetta. And [...]

Twinfinite’s Endless Playlist: Catherine

Shoji Meguro is probably most famous for being able to capture the same sort of genre alchemy as the game’s he composes music for. Atlus, after all, loves to mix and match disparate elements for their many games. For example, It makes a lot of sense to combine classical compositions with more rock inspired pop music. Especially when composing music for a game that makes the same combination with dark, occult inspired fantasy with the everyday of high school life. [...]

Twinfinite’s Endless Playlist: Katamari Damacy

[This post isn't anything critical in nature. It's intended to be an appreciation series where I talk about the video game music I enjoyed and still do. I'm hoping that with this feature today we could reminisce our first time the music found its way in our hearts, or if you've never listened to the music, to consider spending an afternoon with some headphones and Youtube to find some new music.] If you read a list somewhere online, possibly finding [...]