Our original features for your enjoyment.

Our original features for your enjoyment.


Games You’re Looking Forward to This Year? – Twinfinite Discusses

Hey there! We’re back with another Twinfinite Discusses with special guest Muaz! He’s filling in for Austin and Alex these couple of weeks as they ran off to get married and go on their honeymoon, but we weren’t invited. I know, it’s a very confusing story that almost sounds like a lie (they’ll be back in a couple of weeks). This Twinfinite Discusses, we tackled the questions you sent in. Such topics as which games we’re looking forward to this [...]


Yami’s Sporadic PAX East Diary – Gaming Happens

If you’ve never watched one of my sporadic diaries at conventions, you’ll be really confused with this. Even though I wasn’t at PAX East this year, I decided that my diary must live on. Because I’ve heard so many great things about them, and I live off of compliments. So, I’m sorry for missing Gaming Happens last Friday, but here’s what I was up to the whole weekend.


PAX East – Showfloor Dance-Off, Who Won?

As fun as PAX East has been, it can get a little stressful trying to hit every booth and cover as many games as possible. Other than maybe getting an unexpected break where we can grab breakfast at 3pm, nothing gives us more of a chance to de-stress during the convention than filming ourselves goofing around on the showfloor. Here’s the latest in our bi-annual PAX showfloor dancethrough. If you see people randomly busting out dance moves at future PAXs, [...]


PAX East – This War Of Mine Discussion

I’ve already written about how much I was impressed with the This War Of Mine demo. When I went to the booth to play it, I was joined by our Community Manager Alex. We both agreed that this game’s focus on civilians in a war zone is as original as it gets, but he had a completely different experience with it. We found as quiet of a corner as we could in the busy convention center and talked about our different [...]

Triple Down – How Multiple Characters Ruined Grand Theft Auto V

[Note: This article spoils the entirety of Grand Theft Auto V.] Rockstar, for all of the grand and intelligent bounds they have leaped in video game storytelling, still wrestles with a problem with their narrative design; scope. Where others worry about reaching too far, Rockstar has zero fear in going beyond their grasp, fully believing in the phrase “shoot for the moon, for even if you miss, you will land among the stars.” The problem, of course, is a matter [...]

Raise Your Urf: The Best of League of Legends URF Mode

Merry URF-mas! Not sure what that means? Since the dawn of time (or for the past week), the holiday of URF has been known as the period following April Fools, during which Ultra Rapid Fire mode is enabled for League of Legends. If you want more info, watch this video, or for a quick lowdown on URF perks, check out the Awesome Buff of Awesomely Awesome Buffing below. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play Ultra Rapid Fire, or if you [...]

Square Enix’ School Girl Strikers: Are You Kidding Me. Squeenix Please

Last week Square Enix announced, hot on the heels of their public apology for sucking the last few years at RPGs, that they were making a “Light novel-styled RPG with an all-star voice cast.” Awesome. Good strategy, Squeenix. Go get ‘em. Now, it seems the big reveal is here: School Girl Strikers. OK. Awesome. PS3? Maybe next-gen? No? It’s… it’s an iPhone game? With in-game purchases? Square Enix, are you shitting me?

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