Gaming Happens

Gaming Happens is Yami’s excuse to have her own weekly show where she talks about various gaming news topics.

Gaming Happens is Yami’s excuse to have her own weekly show where she talks about various gaming news topics.


Yami’s Sporadic PAX East Diary – Gaming Happens

If you’ve never watched one of my sporadic diaries at conventions, you’ll be really confused with this. Even though I wasn’t at PAX East this year, I decided that my diary must live on. Because I’ve heard so many great things about them, and I live off of compliments. So, I’m sorry for missing Gaming Happens last Friday, but here’s what I was up to the whole weekend.


What’s Changed in WoW Since You Last Played – Gaming Happens

Twinfiknights, I need help. I got addicted to Hearthstone. That’s not the end of my problem, though. I… I may have started a WoW Starter Edition account and have been playing it since. It’s a wonder I even made this episode of Gaming Happens. But look, if you’re like me and haven’t played since “back in the day,” you’d be surprised exactly how much our beloved WoW has changed.


15 Things Gamers Can Do to Pass Five Hours – Gaming Happens

It was not in my plans to once again turn an episode of Gaming Happens into a Positive Gamers, yet here we are. Blame the hilarious package for 5 Hour Energy Titanfall edition samples I got. Not sponsored, by the way. Ha! I wish I weren’t poor. I’m scared drinking them might unlock a new, militaristic level of Yami. I’ll let you know my findings. Anyway, this week on Gaming Happens, I give you a list of a bunch of [...]


Total Newbie Tries to Decipher League of Legends Lingo – Gaming Happens

Welcome back to Gaming Happens! I keep saying “welcome back” in the beginning of all my posts about my webseries. It’s kind of weird, because they happen practically every day of the week. But you know what, let’s look past that, okay? Let’s move on. This week, I decided to take matters into my own hands and FINALLY provide all you noobs out there with a dictionary for League of Legends terms/ lingo/ vocabulary. You’re welcome. See you next Friday!


Kickstarter to Help Gamers Read the Article – Gaming Happens

Welcome to Gaming Happens, the only show where I can be sarcastic for four minutes! Wow! Looks like the Kickstarter to Help Stop You From Being a Little Bitch reached one of its goals! A new tier has unlocked and now we’re going to be working on teaching gamers how to read the articles. I’m so excited to continue on this endeavor with you all. Here’s to making the gaming community a better place! See you next Friday for another [...]


Video Games Shouldn’t Have Movies Made after Them – Gaming Happens

I had another episode planned for this week’s Gaming Happens, but since the Oscars are on Sunday, I wanted to be themed. I love themes, okay? But because I realized at last minute it was Oscar weekend, this episode is off the cuff. I just edited it to look like I knew what I was talking about. The power of Sony Vegas. Anyway, here’s why I think video games shouldn’t have movies made after them. See you next Friday for [...]


Breaking Down FPS Games – Gaming Happens

Welcome back, lovelies. I kept my promise of making an episode this week, ya see that? I’m the best. Anyway, in this Gaming Happens, I’m depreciating FPS games. Really breaking them down; telling you everything I took away from some of the most popular games in the genre. Join me. If you want to see the ART HAUUUUUS episode I mentioned in the video, click here. See you next week!


The Best and Worst Video Game Romances – Gaming Happens

I’m back, baby! What a week to show my face again, huh? I caught the flu and was so devastated I couldn’t make Gaming Happens (Or any!) videos for you all. It’s been too long; I’m so friggin’ glad to be back. Anyway, it’s Valentine’s Day today! For this week’s Gaming Happens, in the spirit of all the chocolate, I’ve concocted a list of my top 5 best and my top 3 worst video game romances. I hope you enjoy, [...]


Humanizing the Video Games Industry – Gaming Happens

You know what I think video games need more of? Humans. It sounds weird, but bear with me though. There are so many people that are involved in creating these wonderful pieces of art that we enjoy every day and yet we only know how to name the absolutely popular. Even then, that list is tiny. Where are the stories highlighting personal reasons for something that’s in a game? I feel like we only get that these days with indie [...]

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