Infinite Themes

Dissects a series’ seemingly endless amount of thematic elements.

Dissects a series’ seemingly endless amount of thematic elements.

Well Enough Alone: In-Depth On The Walking Dead: All That Remains

[Note: This analysis totally and completely spoils the entirety of The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1: All That Remains, along with spoilers for all of the first season as well as 400 Days. Our review can be found here.] So far, Telltale’s The Walking Dead has stuck to a structure; every episode has its own specific theme to cover. A New Day covered family, with the drug store in Macon a crucible for the demons of Lee Everett. Starved [...]

Katsucon Musings on the Phenomenon of Fire Emblem Awakening

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of travelling to Washington D.C., through a window between the snowstorms that paralyzed the East Coast of the U.S., for Katsucon 2014, a convention centered around anime, manga, games, and general nerdery. All forms of nerd are welcome. Much like the media-grabbing San Diego Comicon, these conventions are host to a multitude of cosplayers dressed up as their favorite characters from various anime (I myself was Gilgamesh from Fate/Zero), movies (Elsa from Frozen was [...]

Infinite Themes: Slappin’ Pucks and Pumpin’ Fists

I am not a fan of sports. Growing up as a “hardcore” gamer, sports never really appealed to me, especially watching them. While I understand the rules and regulations of a large majority of sports, they just don’t have the same draw to me as they do to others. Why would I freak out about the achievements of other people? So when it comes to playing a game based on activities that I don’t really watch? No thank you.  Why [...]

Infinite Themes: Dead Space series

Look, I’m a sucker for space. Alien is one of my favorite movies, Mars Curiosity landed on my birthday, and Moon Pies are my favorite snack. Space is dope. When I found out there was a third person action horror game being set in space, I was ecstatic. Enter Visceral Game’s Dead Space. Released in 2008 on the Xbox 360/PS3/PC, Dead Space has you taking control of Isaac Clarke. Isaac is a man of no words, who is a simple engineer [...]

Diary of the Volunteer (XCOM: Enemy Within)

This diary was found in the Volunteer’s room during the collection of his possessions to send home to his family – those who survived, that is. It includes daily entries from the day the alien attacks began up to the day of the final operation against the alien mothership. Most of the entries are ommitted; however, those which divulge the important aspects of the Volunteer’s character are replicated here. Perhaps this will provide some insight into the mind of the [...]

Alone Among the Dead: On BioShock 2′s “Would You Kindly?” Moment

BioShock 2′s greatest sin is being a sequel to BioShock. Its second greatest sin is being a not exactly great game, but if it wasn’t part of the esteemed BioShock lineage, it would be remembered as an imaginative and fun, yet ultimately hollow experience. But since it is, it is remembered as all of those things, as well as a colossal disappointment. In the end, the hollowness of BioShock 2 is fitting, given its subject matter. In what I suppose was an act of obligation to [...]

Anno Domini 2013: The Year of God in Video Games

If 2012 was the year of self-loathing, then 2013 is the year that humanity collectively waged war against God. No, this isn’t a “war on Christmas”, quasi-conservative argument about video games turning our children atheist or some bullshit like that. I’m saying that the general thematic element of some of our biggest titles this year featured a metaphorical battle between humanity and various representations of godlike forces, or in some cases God himself. Take for instance BioShock Infinite. Probably the [...]

The Dating Sim and Your Favorite Game

Last week, Twinfinite took a look at a few great games from the visual novel arena, several of which enjoyed some time in the spotlight and some of which went largely unnoticed by the larger part of the gaming population. Most of those games contain elements of gameplay best described as “dating sim,” a broad term used to categorize games where the primary gameplay theme is increasing the protagonist’s intimacy with one the of many non-playable characters. While their attention [...]

The Last Story – a Tale of Two Romances

As far as Wii titles go, the Last Story stands out pretty prominently. Originally left out of Nintendo’s plans for the West, this decision was notably reversed along with a couple other titles now “historically” referred to under the umbrella of “Operation: Rainfall.” The Last Story, featuring a staff which included famed Final Fantasy buffs Sakaguchi Hironobu and Uematsu Nobuo, was received to much critical acclaim as a Wii action-RPG that made full use of the platform’s graphical engine and [...]

There’s No Going Back: Nostalgia for Places Past

Like many of you, I recently played Burial at Sea, the first episode of BioShock Infinite’s two-part DLC set in the submerged city of Rapture. While I enjoyed exploring Andrew Ryan’s city on the eve of its decline, something wasn’t right. All the key elements were there: art deco architecture, moody jazz, a sunken landscape populated by Little Sisters and Big Daddies. Sure, it looked and sounded a lot like Rapture, but it didn’t feel like Rapture. It’s hard to describe. On one hand, Rapture [...]

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