PAX East – What Does PAX Mean To You?

PAX is infamous for being absolutely, unimaginably huge. People travel from around the globe just to have a chance to be a member of the tens of thousands of people in attendance every year. But why? What makes PAX so special that people would put so much effort into showing up? I took to the show floor on the busiest day of PAX to ask attendees just what PAX means to them personally and why they’ve grown to love one [...]


PAX East – Distance Interview with Refract Studios

This weekend at PAX East, I got the chance to check out Distance, the spiritual successor to the free and fantastic Nitronic Rush, from Refract Studios. Developer Jordan Hemenway was awesome enough to spare a few minutes and share some information on the development process and all the content that will be available once the game is completed. Have a look and see if you’re just as excited about Distance as I am. You can pre-order and check out more [...]


PAX East – Sniper Elite 3 Interview with Robbie Cooke

Any interview where we can seriously discuss blood splatter and new X-ray killcam tech is a good one in my book. After checking out Sniper Elite 3, I met with Robbie Cooke from Rebellion and did just that. Immediately after playing the game, we met to talk about some of the big features of the upcoming game including new stealth mechanics, next gen editions, and the most graphic anatomy lesson I’ve ever had. 


PAX East – Always Sometimes Monsters Interview with Justin Amirkhani

Vagabond Dog’s Always Sometimes Monsters is a game following a character’s journey to reclaim lost love and the choices made along the way. The game focuses heavily on decisions and morality, offering up choices at every turn that serve to actually define choice and morality. Muaz got some hands on time with the game’s PAX East demo while I took a moment to talk with Vagabond Dog’s creative director Justin Amirkhani about the changes Always Sometimes Monsters has undergone since we saw it at [...]


PAX East – Invisible Inc. Interview with Jason Dreger

The tactical espionage game Invisible Inc. from Klei easily won one of Twinfinite’s Game of Show awards for PAX East 2014. It’s only fitting then that we took some time to talk to Klei’s Jason Dreger to talk about just what made this alpha demo Invisible Inc. so great. From a focus on espionage and stealth to the expertly crafted turn based gameplay, Invisible Inc. is a game that will stay on Twinfinite’s radar all the way through development.


PAX East – Murdered: Soul Suspect Interview with the Executive Producer and Art Director

Today, I was elated to have a chance to have an interview with both the Art Director and Executive Producer of Murdered: Soul Suspect, Dennis Price and Naoto Sugiyama. Among the things discussed were: 1. Why did they decide on a character like Ronan as their lead? 2. What was the process like of developing such complex NPCs with individual stories and backgrounds? 3. What led to the decision to make a ghost-styled mystery game? It was an awesome interview [...]


PAX East – Gods Will Be Watching Interview with Developer Jordi de Paco

Upcoming indie title Gods Will Be Watching by Deconstructeam has always been considered to be a bit of a departure from the point-and-click thriller genre. Here, players will actually assume the roles of hostage-takers and be forced to make some morally questionable decisions. It is without a doubt an interesting game, so we decided to have a chat with one of the lead developers of Gods Will Be Watching, Jordi de Paco. Among the things discussed were: 1. How would [...]

Black on Black With E.A. Gray (Hip Hop Berserker)

["Black on Black" is a feature that may, or may not, be ongoing. It's an attempt to spotlight Black video game developers working in the industry -- the problem is there aren't very many of them.] I got a chance to sit down with E.A. Gray, the brains behind Hip Hop Berserker, to talk about Black people in the video game industry, hip-hop, and dealing with the App Store. First, I have to start with the absurd way E.A. and I [...]

An Interview with Kris Steele of Fun Infused Games

Fun Infused Games just released their remake of Abduction Action on the Ouya and Xbox 360. They were listed as one of the 10 reliable XBLIG developers you should know here on Twinfinite a few years back and I thought we’d catch up with him to see how things have been going. For a full list of his games, head on over to the Xbox Marketplace. Who makes up Fun Infused Games besides yourself? I’m the only official employee. I [...]

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