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Video series that uses gaming metaphors to explain how easy it is to overcome real life obstacles with the knowledge we inherently have from playing so many games. Stay positive, gamers!

Video series that uses gaming metaphors to explain how easy it is to overcome real life obstacles with the knowledge we inherently have from playing so many games. Stay positive, gamers!


The Positivity Behind Twitch Plays and People – Positive Gamers

Oh, your eyes do not deceive you my friend. After like two months of hiatus and radio silence from me on Positive Gamers, I’m back! Praise the helix for giving me a wonderful idea for this episode. Twitch Plays Pokemon was incredible, I think we can all agree, but I’ll take it even further and say it’s a great example of how amazing humans can be and all that we can accomplish if we work together. Stay positive, gamers! Oh and before [...]

5 Ways to Support Video Games in Freedom to Read Week

This week marks Freedom to Read Week across Canada. For those of you in the United States, your event, called Banned Books Week isn’t until September, but the information below can hopefully give you a head start on affecting positive change. As a Librarian, this is obviously an important event for me, but my interest extends to the realm of video games as well. Censorship is something that pervades any kind of art form or entertainment industry. Where there are [...]


Gamers Are Amazing – Gaming Happens

Were you tricked? Did you fall for my sneaky, sneaky plan of making this week’s Gaming Happens episode a Positive Gamers one in disguise? In any case, I just wanted to scream a bit about how amazing I think Awesome Games Done Quick, people, and positivity are for the gaming industry. If you just focused on the negative aspects (of anything), you’d only see the negative aspects. Try to keep an open mind and realize that truly great things happen [...]


Gaming Myths and the Friend Zone – Positive Gamers

I know, fedora wearer, you’re thinking, “But the friend zone isn’t a myth!” I know, it’s okay, we’re all prone to believing in things that don’t actually exist. Like bigfoot in San Andreas or Lara Croft’s pointy, nude boobs. But with this episode of Positive Gamers, I’m here to tell you that the friend zone is just as valid as a bunch of other gaming myths. In that it’s not. At all. New Positive Gamers next Monday!


Talking to People and Text Adventures – Positive Gamers

Remember Zork? I remember never getting any damn prompt right, that’s what I remember. Then I got to thinking about how if you’re trying to communicate with someone, and you just keep giving negative prompts, you’re bound to get the same response as little Yami did while playing any text adventure. Learn how to talk to people, it’s as easy as thinking about Zork. New Positive Gamers next Monday!


Taking Risks and Pokemon – Positive Gamers

I’M BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK… with Positive Gamers. This episode deals with taking risks and Pokemon (X and Y are amazing). You’ll always gain something, whether you realize it or not, by taking a risk in life. You won’t be able to know what’s around the corner if you don’t look. So look, jump, leap! Take risks! You’ll get some sweet EXP or items! New Positive Gamers next Monday!


Positive Gamers Episode 8: Experience Points

I’m going to Japan tomorrow to cover TGS this week. For those that don’t know, I love pretty much the entire world. Traveling is one of my favorite things ever, and Japan happens to be number one on my list for a quite some time now. Alas, outside forces have me worrying about things that might have even stopped me from going. How ridiculous is that, amirite? So I got to thinking about taking chances, life, experience, and XP within games. Check [...]


Positive Gamers Episode 7: Shut Up, Haters

This episode I’m joined by Godfree of Gamertag Radio, who lends me a hand in discussing the topic of haters. Whether you’re playing a game, making content, or doing anything with your life, you’re bound to get haters. We discuss personal experiences, our definition of haters, how to deal with them, and we get our #hatablockas on. The moral of the story, kids: Be above it all and set an example for the community.


PAX13 – Positive Gamers: PAX Prime 2013 Edition

My favorite feature, as you all know, is Positive Gamers. I’m so happy to hear everyone loves it as much as I do and I vow to make them even more frequent. It’s always the number one project on my mind at conventions; I always want to interview gamers about positive moments in their gaming lives. Check out PAX Prime 2013 tell me a story! More Positive Gamers episodes can be found here!

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