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Twinfinite Loop is Twinfinite’s official podcast, hosted by John-Charles, and starring Yami, Andy, and Muaz.

Twinfinite Loop is Twinfinite’s official podcast, hosted by John-Charles, and starring Yami, Andy, and Muaz.

Twinfinite Loop Episode 8, “Goodbye Internet”

Hey kiddos, excited for PAX East later this week?  Well, get pumped up with the latest episode of Twinfinite Loop!  It’s a bit of a smaller episode this week with just me, Muaz, and Andy, but we get into some hard discussion of the recent shutdown of GameSpy’s services and what we’re expecting out of PAX East. It’s sure to be a hoot, so make sure you download and listen to it here or you can subscribe to us on [...]

Twinfinite Loop Podcast, Episode 07 – “F R I E N D S”

Happy Monday, listeners!  Has it been as busy for you as it has been for me?  I sure hope not, it’s been pretty damn busy for me!  Hopefully you’re done so you can sit back in an easy chair with a stout glass of port by the fire, ready to enjoy the newest episode of Twinfinite Loop! In this week’s episode JC, Yami, Andy, and Muaz discuss: Project Morpheus The life and death of couch multiplayer We love all of [...]

Twinfinite Loop Podcast Episode 6 – “Thank You Based Beacon”

Hey there listeners!  Sorry for the brief sabbatical, the show was undergoing technical difficulties for a bit, but we’re back and better than ever!  Well, almost back– this week it’s just me and Andy, so get ready as we talk about some of the most absurd stuff we’ll probably talk about on this show for a while, including– Good and bad controller designs, old and new A little bit of Virtual Boy discussion Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing …and more! So, [...]

Twinfinite Loop Episode 5 – Andy Hates Finland

Woah, a day late, but not a dollar short.  I’m guessing my body doesn’t really agree with snow the older I get, because it basically made my body shut down yesterday.  Oops.  But now that I’m back to about 75% health, I’ve got a fresh new episode of Twinfinite Loop for your beautiful ears, readers.  Just as the doctor prescribes. What do we talk about this week?  Well, this week, Yami, Andy, Muaz, and me, JC, talk about: The end [...]

Twinfinite Loop Podcast, Episode 04 – Praise the Helix

Did you guys miss us last week?  Sorry about that.  Skype can be a butt and a half to record sometimes and decided to eat literally all the files from last week.  Whoops.  There was some good stuff in there too and I think we all ended doing weird Jeff Goldbloom impressions– so basically the best episode you’ll never get to hear. But fortunately, this week, nothing has gone awry, so here’s a new episode for all you good boys [...]

Twinfinite Loop Podcast Episode 3: Legos Are Comedy Gold

So who all saw The LEGO Movie this weekend?  A couple of us did and we loved it.  If you haven’t seen it, seriously get on it.  And maybe on the drive/walk/teleportation process of getting to the movies, you can listen to the latest episode of Twinfinite’s new podcast, Twinfinite Loop! On this week’s our intrepid cast of Yami, Muaz, Andy, and me– JC, talk about: Comedy games and why some work and most don’t Lots of LEGO stuff Sonic’s new look [...]


Twinfinite Loop Episode 02 – The Silence of the Choco Tacos

Howdy, kids!  It’s time for the sophomore episode of everyone’s new favorite podcast, Twinfinite Loop!  On this week’s exciting episode, JC (that’s me!), Yami, Muaz, and Andy discuss a number of topics, which may or may not (but probably do) include– Nintendo’s new plan for the future A DS Virtual Console?! Choco Tacos Things that shouldn’t be in donuts but are and oh my god brownie filled donuts are so good An Octodad contest Wait, did I type that one [...]

BRAND NEW PODCAST!!! Twinfinite Loop – 01: Yami’s Wasteland

With the emergence of a New Year comes bigger and newer things from Twinfinite, including our brand new podcast, Twinfinite Loop!  Join Yami, Muaz, Andy, and me (JC!) as we talk about some of the biggest and most exciting latest happenings in the video gaming world. In this first episode, we talk about where Nintendo’s headed, a cool looking new Lord of the Rings games, Kickstarter, and Yami’s search for a missing treasure– all with a unique Twinfinite style! Look for the [...]