Ubisoft Touts Player Diversity, New Map For Ghost Recon Phantoms

In case you missed it, Ghost Recon Phantoms was recently released to PC and Steam. The free-to-play multiplayer take on the tactical multiplayer of the Ghost Recon series, and effectively a gigantic re-do of Ghost Recon Online, has been rather successful for Ubisoft, becoming the third highest played free-to-play title on Steam. The game is actually quite a lot of good fun, and definitely worth a look if you’re into the series or in need of a tactical multiplayer fix. Following up on that, Ubisoft [...]

Nientonsoh Steps Down from CLG, Possible Lane Swaps Being Discussed

Right when Counter Logic Gaming looked to be the most cohesive unit they’ve been in quite a while, Nientonsoh (Nien for short) announced that he would be stepping down from the CLG roster. In an interview with Travis Gafford of OnGamers, Nien cited several reasons for his departure. Overall, he felt that he was underperforming relative to the other players on his team and that his confidence was lacking. He also mentioned that the community backlash after the recent CLG [...]


Star Citizen Gameplay Footage, Now in HD!

I’ve been following the development of Star Citizen for a while now. Last I’d checked, the entirely crowdfunded PC space-sim had raised around $40 million. In a little over a month, another $2 million has been contributed to the ambitious project. But what’s even more exciting is the recent gameplay footage. Chris Roberts and his team (Roberts Space Industries) were at PAX East a few weeks ago to reveal the game’s dogfighting module. And holy shit is it gorgeous. In [...]

Amazon Deals Today Include Titanfall and Arkham Origins

Our on staff secret agents have sniffed out a number of deals that are going to take place today on Amazon. Some are already ongoing while others will trickle out throughout the day. This isn’t your typical bargain bin sale either. Big name games such as Titanfall, Arkham Origins, and even Turtle Beach Headsets are set to receive a deep discount at some point today. Check below for a the full list of games, links to each page, sale prices, [...]


Dragon Age Inquisition Gets a Release Date in a Brand New Trailer

Yesterday, we were all treated to the cover art for Bioware’s upcoming Dragon Age Inquisition. Today, we all get to watch the latest gameplay trailer and even get a release date! The entire trailer is actual game footage and it looks glorious.  I can’t wait to jump back into the world of Ferelden and get my Inquisition started. Dragon Age Inquisition releases October 7th on all PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

GRID Autosport Announced With A Flashy Trailer

GRID fans rejoice! Codemasters has just released a reveal trailer for their upcoming title GRID Autosport. They’ve also posted a new blog entry detailing the new features that will be implemented in this new title. The trailer alone shows off locales such as “Hockenheim, Sepang, San Francisco, Jarama and Yas Marina” and the Codemasters blog entry boasts that there will be plenty more locations to check out in its complete roster. The blog entry also states that Codemasters has been [...]

REalM is an Indie Horror Game And First Game On The Square Enix Collective

I’m of the mind that fear isn’t based off of any pre-determined trigger. Sure, clowns are universally scary, but nightmares are all deeply personal, and there is a special curiosity with getting close to that which terrifies you most. Those were just thoughts in my head as I was looking at REalM, an indie horror platformer from developers Arbor Sheep and Authentic Illusions. You see, graphics are all fine and well, but the games that interest me the most are [...]

Omocat Launches Omori Kickstarter

One of my favorite artist, Omocat, has been lining up a Kickstarter campaign for her game for quite some time. Today, on Twitter, the Kickstarter for Omori has been posted. While the campaign video reveals a surreal music video showcasing the game and story elements, the summary itself reads something like a cross between cult favorite titles Yume Nikki and Earthbound while music is handled by indie Chip rock band Slime Girls (Who I saw live last year open for Anamanguchi). [...]

Nate Wells, Lead Artist for Last of Us, Leaves Naughty Dog for Giant Sparrow

Seems like there’s more job hopping around the video game industry these days than a something something frog analogy. That lackluster metaphor’s going to have to cut it for now, because Nate Wells, lead artist for The Last of Us, has left Naughty Dog and joined Giant Sparrow as an art director. This information comes via Nate Wells’s twitter profile, updated with his new title. Wells’s credentials include art for Bioshock, System Shock 2, and games of the Thief series. He’s also voice acted for a [...]

Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot on Steam Greenlight

Nostalgia is a powerful force, but is it powerful enough to breathe life into some of the first MMOs ever made? Broadsword games — the new studio in charge of Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot — believe in nostalgia and have both Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online up on Steam Greenlight. With the support of the Steam community, Broadsword Games is hoping to bring Ultima and DAoC to new audiences. Both games will feature 14-day free trials and will cost $15 a month to maintain subscriptions after [...]

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