Record of Agarest War Zero Review: Same Old, Good Old

JRPG’s come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but Record of Agarest War Zero is one that wears a variety of hats. Dishing up hardcore tactical RPG gameplay, visual-novel-esque storytelling, and a heaping helping of fan service, it’s a unique title even in today’s diverse landscape.

LEGO The Hobbit Review – Going on an Adventure

Over the past 9 years, the LEGO series has evolved into an established franchise in the same vein as Call of Duty or Assassin’s Creed. Annual installments may have diminished the original luster of the series but each one is still a great game on its own. Developer Traveller’s Tales follow their established formula of taking a popular entertainment franchise and “LEGO-fying” it into a family-fun experience that captures the spirit of the source material. And just like the last [...]

Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming Review – 30 Seconds to AARGH

As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to the realization that by and large, the JRPG is a genre that has passed me by. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy them — on the contrary, some of my favorite and lasting memories are of spending dozens of hours playing through epic storylines and world-spanning adventures with a ragtag group of spiky-haired heroes and heroines. It’s not them, it’s me. Thankfully, developer Opus has carved out a niche for people [...]

Mechanic Escape Review – Is Your TV Running?

As much as I love games that feature deeply complex stories, there’s always a special place in my heart for more simple experiences. Sometimes, I just want a game that tosses out thought-provoking introductory sequences and jumps straight into quick, easily-understood action. Mechanic Escape definitely falls into the latter category. An easily grasped 2D platfomer/runner, Mechanic Escape is a fast-paced, somewhat frantic sprint through brightly animated levels filled with a multitude of hazards and interesting environmental quirks. A combination of reflexes, on-the-fly thinking, [...]

Broforce Review – Bro Guts, Bro Glory

There are a lot of times that my penchant for indie games means I’m dealing with a lot of complex things. Whether they’re intellectual, emotional, or simply downright conceptually bizarre, there’s a ton of things that really make it a complicated process that’s both taxing and rewarding. Sometimes, wading through these deep, layered stories and genre-busting experimental outings makes me sit back and think about a lot of things. I’ve reviewed games that made me stop to consider life, love, [...]

Carmageddon: Reincarnation Hands-On Preview – The Duke Nukem Forever of Racing Games

This game is in development and nothing should be considered “finished” yet. EVERYTHING is work in progress and subject to change. Changes will be influenced by your involvement in the game development; your bug reports, feedback, and suggestions. But remember! Expect bugs. Expect regular updates. Expect the unexpected. Expect the Spanish Inquisition. Please report bugs by using the form at the following link: Get involved in forging the final feel of the game – visit the Forums and tell [...]

Spate Review – True Detective

It must have been some sort of coincidence that the week I played indie platformer Spate was the week I finished up watching HBO’s True Detective. It seemed given that both are noir detective stories with a good chunk of horror elements that I could reference one within the other as an easy way to grab your attention. And I need it now, because if there’s a game I’m asking you to check out, it’s Spate.

Imagine Earth Review – Planetary Planning 101

Somewhere between the city-building of SimCity and the global control of Populous or other “god games”, we find Imagine Earth. Taking a few elements from each of these game styles, it distills them into a simplified, easy to grasp version. The player is cast into the role of one of many newly-hired planetary colony-builders, with the tutorial planet, a small orb named Tuto, acting as an introduction to the game’s mechanics as well as the in-game hiring test. The question at the core of [...]

Fatal Theory Review – Fistful of Pixels

When playing Fatal Theory, the thought that crosses your mind is: “This seems like something I could have made.” But let me be perfectly clear, that is not an insult in any way or form. In fact, it is a high praise. There is an admiration for someone who has such a passion for games that they took a risk and made one on their own. Fatal Theory‘s narrative and aesthetics aren’t cutting-edge purposefully so. They exist to deliver the fun [...]

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