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PAX East – Shovel Knight Hands-On Impressions

While at PAX East, I got a chance to look at the almost complete Shovel Knight. The game is looking good on PC, Wii U, and 3DS with the title being very close to release. Yacht Games had two stages available to play, complete with end stage bosses to show off. The first thing I noticed upon picking up the game for the first time was just how tight the controls were. If you’ve ever played classic games like Ducktales [...]

PAX East – A Hat in Time Hands-On Impressions

It’s hard not to grin while playing A Hat in Time. It is an overwhelmingly charming game that wants to channel the best of the 3D collect-a-thon platformers that existed throughout the Nintendo 64’s lifespan. While still in a very early state, it’s clear that A Hat in Time has the right idea of what people are most nostalgic about and so far seems capable of delivering on it.

PAX East – Woah Dave! Hands-On Impressions

As per the traditional arcade game, Woah Dave! ensures that you will die. From Gaijin Games, Woah Dave! is essentially a small indie title that serves to test your limits as your try to survive as long as you can in a small arena, avoiding and destroying 8-bit enemies, similar to Super Crate Box, all the while achieving the highest score you can. You play as Dave, I presume, and eggs appear at various points on the stage. The only problem is [...]


Famous Celebrities in an RPG? Mobile Nintendo? And More! – Twinfinite Discusses

You wanted wardrobe changes, so you got them. A lot. Like, within this one episode, there’s at least four. Anyway, this week on Twinfinite Discusses, we answer the very important topics and questions you sent in. What character classes would Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Trina, and Rihanna be in an RPG? Should Nintendo embrace mobile? And which franchise would you love to give to another developer to handle (my answer is the best)?

“The Truth Still Survives, But Only You Remember It” – Square Enix’s New Direction

Recently Square Enix made a statement explaining how the company had lost its focus. With the recent success of Bravely Default, they are renewing their dedication to games their fans want to play. To directly quote Yosuke Matsuda: “we basically want to go back to their roots and focus on the core audience.” As far as ‘facepalm’ announcements go, this one can be proudly accompanied by a resounding ‘duh.’ Yet despite the lateness of this realization, JRPG fans can also [...]


Uncharted in Space? Yes, Please – Vlogging About Video Games

Hello beautiful humans, I’m back to vlog about video game stuff for the week. Boy oh boy, it’s never a dull week, is it? Well, last week would have been had it not been for that total save from Facebook. They really took one for the team there. Anyway, let’s vlog about video games. Specifically about how I’m a hype-less robot, Uncharted in space would be dope, and the Tropico 5 devs hate my guts.

Ray of Light – Five Memorable Video Game Sunrise Moments

As it happens pretty regularly here in Canadialand, it’s been a hell of a long winter. It was such a long winter that we were considering making Let It Go our new national anthem. Thankfully however, the end is in sight. Along with warmer temperatures, we’re becoming increasingly blessed with more sunlight. I’m of the belief that a sunrise is one of the most miraculous and beautiful things a person can witness in the everyday world. It is not only [...]

Why You Absolutely Need Mario Kart 8 in Your Life

Do you hear a faint rumbling in the air? That’s the sound of the world collectively shaking in anticipation of Mario Kart 8. Nintendo has been relatively quiet about their upcoming powerhouse racer Mario Kart 8 ever since they revealed it was in the works back in January of 2013. Even as it got closer to its release date, bits of information would appear sporadically. Until now. With the release of Mario Kart 8 imminent (or Kartageddon, as I like [...]


Are You Tough Enough to Take on the Glorkian Warrior?

One of my favorite cartoonists of all time has to be James Kochalka, creator of American Elf and Superf*ckers. For some time now, Kochalka’s been working alongside the good folk at Pixeljam on  a new game tie-in for his newest comic.  The results are The Glorkian Warrior: Trials of Glork. The game is a Galaga style shmup available now on iOS featuring the titular Glork and 100% hand drawn visuals by Kochalka.  The game is pretty and fun and definitely worth checking out if you’ve got an [...]

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