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The Great Ace Attorney–New Details from Famitsu Interview

In this week’s issue of Famitsu, some new details about The Great Ace Attorney‘s characters and plot were shared by series creator and director Shu Takumi and producer Shintaro Kojima.   One of the major questions Famitsu asked was about what kind of character,  Ryuunosuke Naruhodo, Phoenix Wright’s ancestor, will be: “Well, the two keywords are ‘Meiji Period’ and ‘Phoenix’s ancestor’ so you might be able to get an idea from that,”   They also asked about the new heroine, Susato [...]

New Enemy Front Screenshots Released, Limited Edition Detailed

Games based in a World War II setting aren’t quite as popular as they used to be. But that doesn’t mean that people are willing to let them die out either. Namco Bandai Games has released a few new screenshots of their upcoming WWII shooter Enemy Front. I don’t think that WWII games will be making a comeback anytime soon, but who knows, maybe Enemy Front will be the game to turn that around. If nothing else, the game definitely [...]


New Evolve Trailer Showcases 4v1 Combat, Developer Commentary

Today, 2k Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming shooter, Evolve. The trailer is one 8-minute long showing of Evolve‘s 4v1 combat system. Follow Aaron “Ayesee” Chambers and Chris Ashton from Turtle Rock Studios as they guide you through a match with their own commentary. Check it out. Evolve is shaping itself up pretty amazingly. There’s a reason we gave it a best of show at PAX East 2014.

Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures 2 Announced

I was quite surprised by Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures. I had always had a natural distrust of any Pac-Man title that was in 3D. Since this was based on a cartoon as well my hopes weren’t very high. Fortunately Namco produced a surprisingly good platformer.  What really kept the game interesting was the variations of abilities Pac-Man would assume during levels and how they worked with the enemies inside. Expanding upon the simple ghost munching mechanics with complex abilities [...]

Sony Discounts 30 Games In Latest PSN Flash Sale

Sony has cut the price of thirty PSN titles to the low, low price of $0.99 in their latest PSN flash sale. Some of those titles include the critically acclaimed games like Johnathon Blow’s Braid and Backbone Entertainment’s Everyday Shooter. The sale starts today and will be running until Monday, April 21 at 7:00 a.m. Pacific. If you gotta spare dollar laying around be sure to check out the list below, or if you happen to have a super rare thirty-dollar bill laying around you can buy them [...]


Ready Your Murlocs, Hearthstone for iPad Available Now

The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Blizzard’s online card game, Hearthstone, is finally available for iPad. Now you can summon hordes of murlocs, fire blast enemies, and Leeeeeroy Jenkins anywhere your heart desires. Warning: trailer hints that participating in Hearthstone for iPad may cause spontaneous wild west shootouts to occur during your lunch breaks. Even if multiplayer isn’t your cup of tea, Blizzard recently announced a single player campaign, Curse of Naxxramas, to keep all the solo lovers out there [...]


PAX East – Capybara Games Reveals A New Trailer for Below

Well that was atmospheric, wasn’t it. Not much to really go on with this trailer, but we do have some good news for PC enthusiasts. Capy has revealed that alongside the game’s Xbox One release will be a version for the Steam marketplace. Capybara Games has been teasing us with these little trailers for awhile now. You can feel the same sense of unknown in their “Pause” trailer for the game. This is looking to be a very intriguing adventure [...]

Pax East – Lovers In A Dangerous Spacetime Hands-On Impressions

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a game that will test the first word in the title. Players must cooperatively navigate a spherical spaceship (as lovers) by using individual stations that control specific tasks such as: turrets, the direction the space craft is flying, and shields. The goal of the game is to free some very cute space bunnies from their cages while remaining in love, and alive. In the demo I played with Jamie from Asteroid Base, developers of Lovers [...]

PAX East – Project Totem is the New Xbox Game From Press Play

Press Play sort of broke on to the scene in a big way with their hit Max and the Magic Marker game. It was a little platformer that worked to expand out simple drawing mechanics to accentuate problem solving. Since stylish platformers are their bread and butter, the team over at Press Play is ready to make magic happen again with their new Xbox 360 and Xbox One exclusive Project Totem. In Project Totem, the player is in control of [...]

The Wolf Among Us is 40% Off on Steam

I’m sure people don’t really need more reasons to play Telltale Games, but if you’ve been on the fence about buying The Wolf Among Us, now is probably the best time to do so. The game is currently 40% off on Steam in one of the “Midweek Madness” specials, so it’s down from it’s usual price of $24.99 to $14.99. The purchase of the game will essentially act as a season pass, granting you episodes 1-5 of The Wolf Among Us as they [...]

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