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NBA 2k15 Already In The Works (Duh)

Today, 2K posted a little tease of a motion capture session they held with a couple NBA dunk aficionados and my hometown streetball hero, Gary “G” Smith, over on their Instagram. I can’t really tell whom is dunking in the short video (thanks to the motion capture body suits), but I’m pretty sure I can make out DeMarcus Cousins doing a little jig after a very impressive dunk. If you know anything about the NBA 2K series is that their animation [...]


NBA 2K12 Has The Most Appealing Ads Ever

I’ve already written about how sports games in general and the gamers who play them are unfairly stigmatized. A point that I didn’t get the chance to make was how much more appealing and entertaining the ads for sports games are. Everything from the music, to the cast, to the general goofiness is more consistent than any other genre. We’ve already covered how some game ads are inappropriate or creepy and while the majority of game ads are better,  they are still [...]