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Remedy Talks Alan Wake 2, Releases Alan Wake Humble Bundle

During yesterday’s Xbox One reveal, Remedy’s next project, Quantum Break, was announced and given a trailer. Today, Remedy’s creative director Sam Lake released a video addressing fans on exactly what the developer’s new IP means for the Alan Wake saga. In the video, Lake addresses the challenges facing Alan Wake 2. Though the franchise has now sold more than 3 million copies and become somewhat of a cult hit, original sales figures were not as promising. According to Lake, “Even though we [...]

[TSFT] Episode #51: Our Gaming Agenda – The Bioware Edition! (And others too!)

Welcome back! Glad you’re here. You may notice these cool newfangled buttons! Super sleek! Anyway, this week we talk about what we’ve been since our holiday break, and that consists of 80% Bioware titles! We spoil Mass Effect (partially, you’re safe if you haven’t played 3), talk some Dragon Age, KOTOR, and then a little Alan Wake, among some other titles. It’s a fun episode, and be sure to stick around after the credits for an in depth discussion on ravioli, [...]

[News] “Seal” the Deals with Steam Coupons

Looking for some awesome Steam coupons? Check out Autumn Seal, a nifty site that lets you win Steam discount coupons for cool Finnish games! This includes discounts for the Trine games, Alan Wake and its smaller sequel American Nightmare, Rochard, and Legend of Grimrock at 50-75% off. You’re limited to 10 spins every 5 minutes, but we know that won’t stop you from spinning this wheel all day. Spin, spin spin…

[Review] Alan Wake: American Nightmare

  Remedy Entertainment brings us back into the shadowy world of Alan Wake, going from a retail edition to a smaller arcade game this time around. It has been two years since we last saw Alan Wake take the plunge into the darkness of his own mind, fighting shadowy beings and even his best friend. Now, Alan has written himself into an episode of Night Springs in an attempt to finally free himself from this maddening nightmare. Mr. Scratch, Alan’s doppelganger, has different plans for [...]

[News] Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Gets New Trailer

[youtube][/youtube] Exclusive to Gametrailers. Remedy has released a very Mr. Blonde, Reservoir Dogs trailer for Alan Wake’s American Nightmare in keeping line with its Tarantino influences. The actual game will feature numerous live-action cut-scenes and I hope a lot of them are as fun as this…Not that I’m saying sadistic cruelty is fun or anything. Still, I enjoyed the trailer’s obvious homage to Mr. Blonde and I’m hoping for more inside jokes involving Tarantino films, maybe a clever achievement or [...]

[News] Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Developer Diaries Released

[youtube][/youtube]   Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is only a week and a half away and Remedy Games have decided to release a really interesting series of developer diaries. It’s informative, hype raising, and really, really, fun. Mr. Scratch and the Darkness make several appearances doing bad things in a warehouse. Watch for yourself to see what I’m talking about. Hit the jump for the second diary.