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E3 – Saints Row IV: Hands-On Preview

There’s nothing quite like an appointment with the president. We had the chance to visit Deep Silver’s booth at E3, get some hands-on time with the upcoming Saints Row IV, and even have a quick interview with one of the developers. All in all, it was a really nice time. Enough about that however; you all want to know about the game. The demo we got to try out was basically the opening mission of Saints Row IV. It picks [...]

[Featurama] Twinfinite Staff Finishes XCOM

If you’ve been following my playthrough of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, you’ll know that I drafted my Twinfinite coworkers to fight the alien menace. So far, we’ve done a pretty good job of handling anything they’ve thrown at us with minimal casualties. The losses we did have, for the most part, were unavoidable and were the fault of the soldiers refusing to follow orders and generally being useless buffoons. Hit the jump for the final few missions and what happens to us [...]

[Wormlight] Aliens on the Commodore 64 – Now THAT’s How You Do It.

Like so many other video game enthusiasts, I woke up last Tuesday morning anxious to see what the critical consensus was about the hotly anticipated and years-in-development Aliens: Colonial Marines. Trey’s review, as well as pretty much every other one out there, told the tale of a broken and unfinished mess. It’s never fun to see a game from a big developer be released in that state, but the fact that it was based on Aliens just made it that [...]

[Review] Aliens: Colonial Marines – More Like Colonial Morons

The Alien movies are rad. There are scary aliens that look super cool, there are tough marines that have bitchin’ technology, the characters are mostly likable, even if you like to hate them. Kicking back and popping in Aliens is always a good time. Honestly, the Alien franchise has so much that could be utilized to make an amazing game. Most studios that attempt it though have been less than successful, with games ranging from okay to bad. When I [...]

[Featurama] Twinfinite Staff Enrolls In XCOM

If you haven’t played XCOM: Enemy Unknown yet, you really should. The strategy and RPG elements are great to play around with. The best thing about XCOM though, is being able to name soldiers after people you know. In this case, I named my entire army after my coworkers here at Twinfinite. This will be updated every couple of days as I progress through the game. Hit the jump to see which of the staff dies and which ones you [...]

[LTTP Review] Aliens: Infestation

It will come as no surprise that 2011′s Aliens: Infestation has a heavy Metroid feel. In fact, it’s inevitable, given how much the Alien franchise has influenced the Nintendo series. Even so, it also carries its own distinct atmosphere and themes as well, setting itself far apart from the adventures of Samus Aran. While Metroid tells a tale of survival and victory at any costs in an alien climate, Infestation is instead a story of gradual attrition- many may, and many will, fall at the [...]

[PAX] XCOM: Enemy Unknown Hands-On

At the very end of the first day of PAX, I managed to get into the last showing of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the day. I had demanded to be the Twinfinite staffer who got to see it before the show, which doesn’t honestly make much sense. I’m not much of a strategy gamer in general and I have only a passing knowledge of the original XCOM games, but I have had a tangible hunger for XCOM: Enemy Unknown for [...]