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Android LogoIntroduced as a consumer smartphone OS alternative by Google, Android is an Open Source alternative platform to Apple's iOS. The system has grown quickly to included hundreds of devices in the phone, tablet and personal computer segments. The Core OS focuses on a Java based foundation and offers producers a free range of display and hardware configurations to match any price point they wish to deliver on as long as they pay the proper licensing fees.

Currently in version 4.4 (KitKat) the OS strives to incorporate additional performance features to increase longevity and battery life.

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PAX East – Bounden Hands-On Impressions

A lot of the new indie games on the floor of PAX East this year had the ambition of encouraging new ways for people to play and interact with video games. Bounden is a mobile game that does this by bringing two people together on both ends to learn how to dance in unison. Bounden starts off with a tutorial that teaches players how to turn and rotate the phone together in order to follow a trail of dots that [...]

PAX East – World Zombination Hands-On Impressions

Zombies versus humans; it’s been done before, so it all comes down to making it something truly unique. From Proletariat comes a new faction-based strategy game that pits the living and the undead against each other in World Zombination. The general gameplay itself may not sound revolutionary, but it tweaks the standard strategy formula for an interesting new take on the zombie genre. In the demo I played, I got to try my hand at performing as the zombie horde. [...]

PAX East – Woah Dave! Hands-On Impressions

As per the traditional arcade game, Woah Dave! ensures that you will die. From Gaijin Games, Woah Dave! is essentially a small indie title that serves to test your limits as your try to survive as long as you can in a small arena, avoiding and destroying 8-bit enemies, similar to Super Crate Box, all the while achieving the highest score you can. You play as Dave, I presume, and eggs appear at various points on the stage. The only problem is [...]

PAX East – Jungle Rumble Hands-on Impressions

Jungle Rumble is a rhythm game developed by indie studio Disco Pixel for iOS and Android. The game revolves around defeating an enemy monkey tribe threatening to steal your banana horde and, consequently, your very ability to survive. The game makes some reference to starvation, but this reference does nothing to damage the game’s incredibly happy tone. Rather, Jungle Rumble is an incredibly upbeat, happy game, just as you would expect from a rhythm game. Indeed, everything about the game [...]

Sonic CD is Free Today

The Amazon Appstore is a great way for most Ouya owners to find out which games work and which games don’t work on their console. Daily, deals appear in which users can download new applications for free. Today is Sonic’s turn as Sonic CD has been reduced down to free until midnight. I have this version of the game and I can confirm to everybody that it does work quite well for the Ouya. Unfortunately, you’ll never be able to [...]

World of Tanks Blitz Closed Beta Rolls Out

Wargaming’s (cha-ching!) dip into mobile devices with World of Tanks Blitz is highly anticipated by fans of their World of Tanks series, that’s for sure. The free to play MMO for iPad tablets has started its closed beta after having received 150,000 applications for it. Players lucky enough to be in it will get hands-on time with the seven versus seven combat and here’s hoping it all translates well with the touchscreen controls. I’ve always found difficulty with games that [...]

CD Projekt RED Announces Mobile Game

Witcher developer CD Projekt RED has announced an upcoming mobile game. Little is known about it, aside from some hardware-related details which have come out. “It’s a multiplatform mobile game, made with advanced technological capabilities of tablets and smartphones in mind. Thus, we are entering a completely new territory in terms of gameplay and business model, realising our strategic plans to enter the mobile gaming market.” According to Eurogamer, the game has been in development for around a year and [...]

Smartphone Gamers Analyze 6 Month’s Worth of Cancer Data

Do you guys remember Foldit? It’s from a few years back, so I understand if you don’t. It’s an online puzzle game in which players work together to solve how a protein is “folded,” in other words its configuration. It’s more fun than it sounds, I promise. Foldit (solve puzzles for science!) was in the news quite a bit in 2011, when within 10 days gamers figured out the correct structure of an enzyme that had baffled scientists for 15 [...]


RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Announced! For Mobile Devices! Why, Universe, Why?

I reported on a shady announcement Atari made on their Facebook over a possible new RollerCoaster Tycoon. My suspicion that it was going to be for mobile devices was proven correct as RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile was announced. I’m too sad to even type. I’m sorry if you’re big into mobile gaming, but just look at the trailer. Hear the obnoxious voice that’s used for all those free to play games that Farmville spawned in the app store. I’ll take [...]


Crazy Taxi: City Rush Announced For…Mobile

Today, Sega announced that Crazy Taxi is being rejuvenated in the form of a mobile game entitled, Crazy Taxi: City Rush. Creator of the original Crazy Taxi and Executive Producer of Crazy Taxi: City Rush, Kenji Kanno, is a long for the *ahem* ride. Kenji says, “I’m very excited to finally be able to share with you the first news of Crazy Taxi: City Rush,” and added, “We are delivering a truly fun game that captures everything our fans love about the original and infusing it with several new [...]

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