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Looks Like Outrun is the Next 3D Sega Classic Heading to 3DS

One of the most charming gems of the 3DS’s library has been Sega’s selection of 3D rereleases, which not only add extra dimension to classic arcade and Genesis games, but also adds creative features and touches, such as Ecco’s “Dolphin Mode” and the addition of actual moving arcade sounds to After Burner. Now, some eagle eyed fans have noticed the addition of a logo for an Outrun 3D to Sega’s website, meaning that the super chill and always cool racer will most likely be the [...]

Hyper Gauntlet Review: Slow Ramp-up, Addicting in the End

Reflex games can be pretty addicting. Giving a player a set of obstacles to pass with an immediate feeling of gratification only to slam defeat upon them in a way that makes them think, “I can totally do better than that,” is a specialty of such titles. Tempest, Flappy Bird, the list goes on. Hyper Gauntlet – Legacy of Nozzlethruster III is a game of reflexes and focus from Udell Games. It can take awhile for the action to get [...]

Snake 3D Preview – Runaway Reptiles Head-Butting Ghost Mice

If I’ve learned anything from Bejeweled, it’s that people are always looking for a colorful puzzle game to eat away hours of their time. Perhaps the world will find such a time-sucker in Snake 3D, a puzzle game that sets the classic Snake concept in a 3D world. If you aren’t familiar with the arcade classic Snake, it’s that game where you control a snake/unidentifiable line, eat objects that lengthen your body, and die if you run into your own tail. The [...]

Get Hype! MAGfest 12 is this weekend

MAGFest is four solid days of music, games, and parties. Not even joking. From January 2nd to the 5th, the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, MD becomes a haven for all things video game. Between concerts, Indie Showcases, Panels, Gaming Free-Play, and the 24 hour arcade, there won’t be a dull second the entire weekend. This year will be the twelfth annual festival and is looking to be the largest so far with a projected attendance [...]

Peggle 2 for Xbox One Has a Release Date

Remember staying home from school watching the Price is Right? Do you miss Plinko? Well next week, all you Xbone owners can relive your childhood memories in the form of PopCap’s Plinko 2.0, cleverly disguised as Peggle 2. This timed XBLA exclusive will cost $12 and releases on December 9. It’s time to fire from that balljector. [youtube][/youtube]    

Jetpack Joyride Receives a Big Ol’ Update

Halfbrick has kept this iOS/Android game going for a long time now, with yet another free content update release last night. In the past, Jetpack Joyride updates have added new clothes, jetpacks, gadgets, and a wave runner. Now, once per day, you can collect the three tokens to spell out S.A.M. to build the Strong Arm Machine, a giant mech capable of deflecting projectiles launched at you. Each day you build the S.A.M. you will be rewarded with a daily prize, [...]

Grab Mamorukun Curse! for Half Off on PSN this Week

If you’re a fan of classic shoot-em-ups and the Playstation 3, there’s been a bit of slim pickin’s when it comes to the selection of games available for the console.  Most titles barely make it out of Japan, and those that do usually don’t get much further than the Xbox 360.  Luckily, over the summer, UFO released a bit of a hidden gem on Sony’s box in the form of Mamorukun Curse!, a shmup actually developed by half of the original team [...]

Midnight City Bringing Indies to Gamers in a New Way

This really is a great year for independent developers.  Former IGN Editor-In-Chief, Casey Lynch, along with Doug Kennedy, former president and CEO of public relations firm Reverb Communications, are leading the way for a group of indie devs with their new publishing label, Midnight City.  As a division of Majesco Entertainment, Lynch aims to give support to a wide range of games which would otherwise be stuck self-promoting and having issues releasing on some of the major platforms (mostly XBLA & [...]

PAX13 – Super Time Force Preview

Gamers have been trained over the years to avoid all incoming fire, for obvious reasons. Yet, this isn’t necessarily always the best strategy in Capybara’s Super Time Force. Sometimes, dying is the only way to survive; and trust me, you will die plenty. Think Contra with a fun and colorful pixel art style, multiple characters, and a time rewind function which allows the player to retry things and stack on power-ups as you save your previously killed characters. I have been [...]

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