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Seven Deadly Sins Represented in Video Games

I’ve been fielding questions about religion lately as a result of my daughter attending Catholic school. While she shares with me what she’s learned, I get to share information with her about how Jesus wasn’t actually white, or about how sometimes men love men and women love women and that’s just great. It’s fun. Anyway, this topic got me thinking, and it’s prompted me to do some deep research about religion. While looking at the Seven Deadly Sins, I thought [...]

Let’s Get it Started – Great Beginnings to Video Games

All this talk about the new console generation has got me thinking about beginnings. It’s always an exciting time when a bunch of new tech gets into the hands of people. Standing at the beginning of an exciting journey is an exhilarating feeling because all you can see is possibility. This feeling extends to games themselves. There aren’t very many strong video game endings, but beginnings are equally troublesome these days. It’s a real skill for a game to set [...]

[Wormlight] All the Video Games Merch That Money Can Buy

I enjoy writing about nerd culture in general, which includes gaming as well as writing about all kinds of sexy, collectible plastic goodness. I figured it was about time I combined these two things and shed some light on the kind of merch available for gamer fans. There’s a surprising amount of stuff out there, especially if you’re willing to import them from Japan. No, don’t look at me like that.. it’s a lot easier than it sounds. Promise! Check out my [...]

[News] Arkham City Game of the Year Edition Announced, is Basically The Ugliest Thing Ever

Ohhhh boy. Batman: Arkham City is an incredibly special, incredibly brilliant game. It was very nearly my favorite game of 2011, though Atlus’ horror/rom-com/puzzle masterpiece won out in the end. As is common when a very popular game with a few DLC packs releases, Rocksteady Studios announced a Game of the Year edition packed with… You know what? You get the point. There was DLC, now there’s DLC on the disc, some of it new. You’re smart. That’s why I like [...]