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Final Exam Review – Reading Day

The jock, the hip girl, the nerd, the creepy kid who’s obsessed with guns…  Sounds like the setup for some modern day The Breakfast Club II, but in reality it’s the setup for Final Exam, the crazy retro-styled beat-em-up platformer that centers around a group of friends reconvening for a high school reunion.  Wait, did I mention there were these zombie monsters that crash the party?  Because there are.  So with this recipe for success, one has to ask, does [...]

Why I Love The Marvel Ultimate Alliance Games (And What I Want In A Sequel)

Unfortunately, most superhero games fall between horrible and meh. There’s something about capturing the diverse powersets and abilities of heroes and villains that development teams can’t quite get right. The earliest game I can recall that bucked this trend was Raven Software’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance. While the sequel trended more towards the meh end of the scale, it still had its charms. With the recent success of the Marvel Studios films and the Marvel NOW! initiative, now is definitely the time for a new entry in the series.