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The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Releases New Info

Edmund McMillen revealed a few new cool features about his upcoming remake The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth today. He introduces a new item called the champion belt as well as some details of the champions themselves. The champion belt is a store item that raises the appearance rate of enemies in rooms but this also increases their damage output. The store will also include additional but optional items so that players will be given a variety of options with regards [...]

#DeveloperTweets You Missed Last Week – Oculus RIP

Things go by quickly on Twitter and it’s easy to miss some serious gems. Lucky for you, Twinfinite has you covered with a weekly roundup of tweets from people around the industry. This past week saw the news of Facebook buying the Oculus Rift VR tech; an acquisition that has been met with some mixed responses.  The sale took the industry as a whole by surprise, but none reacted so strongly as Mojang’s Markus Persson (@Notch). In a tweet sent [...]

Less Than 150 Limited Run ‘Binding of Isaac’ Tarot Decks Remain

Limited edition Tarot Decks featuring art of the game The Binding of Isaac are up for sale and selling fast. After only five hours, stock is down from 666 to 150. The box art was designed by Edmund McMillen, the guy behind that Binding of Isaac thing. The outside of each box is signed and numbered by McMillen himself. Each of the 78 full sized tarot cards feature art by Tikara. These things are crazy adorable. As someone who has dumped way too much [...]


[TSFT] Episode #58: Gamestop the Violence

Well, no new consoles to talk about this week, so we bring it back to the old fashioned TSFT Podcast, the one you know and love. We talk about gruesome Tomb Raider deaths, Assassin’s Creed IV announcement, bash Gamestop, gush over Metal Gear Solid 3 and 4, and much more. We hope you’ll enjoy this week’s episode, and we’ll see you next time. Have a great week! Be sure to stick around after the outro for a full Binding of [...]

[News] Humble Indie Bundle 7 Promises Video Game Heaven

Just in time for the holidays a new Humble Indie Bundle has been released, and this one is a doozy. This time they’re offering The Binding of Isaac, Shank 2, Closure, Snapshot, and even Indie Game: The Movie. As is the case with other bundles of this type, if you pay more than the average of $6.37 you get two extra titles: The Legend of Grimrock as well as Dungeon Defenders (with DLC to boot). Humble Indie Bundle 7 is [...]

[Featurama] Our Conversation With Edmund McMillen: The Binding of Isaac Rebirth Details and More!

Recently, the TSFT had an extra special guest: Edmund McMillen!  We had him on for over 90 minutes and got to hear all sorts of great new info on The Binding of Isaac Rebirth as well as answers to several other miscellaneous questions we posed.  I’ll go ahead and list the specific details about Rebirth that he revealed first.  Big thank you to Reddit user ZAKagan for helping compile an early version of this, allowing for much easier fact checking [...]

[Featurama] The Binding of Isaac Endings Explained! (Maybe)

HUGE EDIT:  Edmund McMillen has blogged about this article saying “By far the most mind blowingly accurate break down of the over arching meaning behind the binding of isaacs ending.”  Thanks everyone for reading!  Onto the good stuff… I’ve been playing through The Basement Collection recently and it contains several exclusive Q&A’s with Edmund McMillen about some of his older games.  First off, The Basement Collection is only $4 and it contains NINE of McMillen’s earlier flash games.  Also included [...]