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Bioshock Infinite LogoReleased in Spring of 2013, BioShock Infinite is the third installment of the BioShock series although not a direct relation to the previous generation games as it takes on new locations, protagonists and timeline. Concepts and themes of BioShock continue to exist within Infinite but the general theme is a departure as it takes on American exceptionalism and a secretly charged social climate.

A stand-alone title with no online modes, Infinite is supported by new DLC releases coming this Fall to help expand the story and give some fan service regarding tie-in’s to prior games.

Burial at Sea (Part 1, Part 2)
Clash in the Clouds

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Eroge-riffic – A Look at the Surprisingly Deep Monmusu Quest

The protagonist is a young man. He is plagued by complex moral dilemmas, other philosophical conundrums, the loss of his parents to both terrorism and plague, but is trying to make the world a better place. The narrative is riddled with with wit and tongue-in-cheek humor, as well as intelligent and emotional moments. Now, what if I told you this was the setup for a glorified porn game?


Burial At Sea Episode Two Launch Trailer Released

Today is a bittersweet day with the release of Episode Two of the Bioshock Infinite DLC, Burial At Sea. Sweet because gamers can finally wrap up the story of Elizabeth’s noir-style adventures through Rapture, one of the most iconic gaming locations ever. Bitter, because the recent restructuring of Irrational Games means that the Bioshock torch has been passed on to 2K. Shed no tears yet though gamers; starting today, you can jump back into the world that Ken Levine built, [...]


Bittersweet Farewell as Irrational Games Team Recalls Proudest Moments

Many of you know by now that Irrational Games, the studio behind the BioShock series, is no more. It was announced about a month ago by Ken Levine via their website, and came as a shock to many in the games industry. Then again, considering last summer’s layoffs, the proverbial writing was on the wall It’s easy to look at the games industry through a detached, macroscopic lens: big studios duking it out like pieces on a chessboard, profit margins, [...]


Familiar Faces in Burial at Sea: Episode Two Trailer

Warning: spoilers ahoy regarding both BioShock and BioShock: Infinite! Read and watch the trailer at your own risk! Ken Levine, developer of BioShock and head of Irrational Games, says the upcoming DLC for BioShock: Infinite, Burial at Sea: Episode Two, will bring fans a sense of closure. We’ve known since the end of BioShock: Infinite that Rapture and Columbia were somehow related, that perhaps they exist in the same (multi-dimensional) universe. These ideas were expanded upon in the first episode [...]

The Last Of Us Leads Game BAFTAs With 10 Nominations

Perhaps the only major national awards ceremony to acknowledge video games as a form of art worth awarding statues to, the BAFTA, or British Academy of Film and Television Arts, has announced its video game nominations for 2013. And, surprising absolutely nobody, The Last of Us leads the pack with a whopping ten nominations. The Last of Us scored nominations in practically every single major category; Artistic Achievement, Story, Best Game, Best Design, and a double nomination in Performers for Troy [...]

BioShock Infinite Adds Hats to Team Fortress 2

In the PC gaming Venn Diagram, are you somebody who loved BioShock Infinite enough to buy their Season Pass, and also somebody who enjoys the colorful chaos of Team Fortress 2? If you are, then get ready to have your hat blown off…and replaced with a new one. Irrational Games has revealed on its blog that current Season Pass holders will receive a number of free BioShock-themed items to their TF2 setup. These items include a George Washington mask, a [...]

BioShock Infinite: Burial At Sea Part 2 Now Has Release Date

After a fairly long wait for any news at all, Irrational Games has kind of started dropping bombs on us in regards to BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea – Episode Two. First came that dazzling new trailer that revealed we will be seeing one of Rapture’s most infamous faces during our time playing as Elizabeth, and now an actual, hard release date for the final chapter of the BioShock Infinite story: March 25, on all platforms simultaneously. But that’s not [...]


First Look at Burial at Sea: Episode Two, Through Elizabeth’s Eyes

In the first episode of BioShock: Infinite’s story-driven DLC, Burial at Sea, players got to return to Rapture, the setting of the first two BioShock games, as Infinite’s protagonist, Booker T. DeWitt. The DLC expanded on the game’s themes, and while Rapture has never looked better, mechanically speaking it felt like Infinite had just been transposed to the underwater setting. Even the “twist” at the end was a lot like Infinite’s big reveal. Which is why, if you have yet [...]

Don’t Look Back Games of 2013

Choo-choo, here comes the nostalgia train right down memory lane (no lie, I have literally driven down Memory Lane). As I prepare to move from a nice little apartment to a slightly larger condo, the packing process happened to include the transportation of my library of games for a variety of systems. As other hoarder– err… hobbyists and collectors know, packing up books and games and things is a disaster and takes forever because every thirty seconds it’s, “Oh look! [...]

Twinfinite Staff’s Top 5 Games of the Year List – Devoun

I would like to preface this by saying that I am not a curator, and I’m not going to fill my list with a bunch of games that “pushed” the medium forward just because I’m afraid the taste police are going to show up to my house. These are games that I genuinely enjoyed unabashedly, and all of them are the ‘Citizen Kane of gaming’ in my eyes. So, without further ado I present my favorite games of 2013. 5. [...]

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