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Black Mesa Coming to Steam Soon, Last Guardian Coming….Someday

We all know the saying, “All good things come to those who wait”, and it’s such a treat when it actually comes true. Today, the project leader on the Black Mesa Source mod today announced via their Community Forums that the game is finally coming to Steam as a retail product. This is great news for the team who has been working on Black Mesa for years and has seen it come to fruition only in the past 12 months [...]

Source as Makerspace – The Incredible Legacy of Half-Life 2

“The first Velvet Underground album only sold 10,000 copies, but everyone who bought it formed a band.” — Brian Eno This summer, the library system I work for had begun construction on a ‘Makerspace’ for members of the public to come in and use the various tools it has. This facility, a repurposed section of the Downtown Branch, includes such goodies as a 3D printer, sound and video recording tools, a gaming space, and computers for working on projects (including [...]

[TSFT PreGame] Episode #36: Greenlight!

Another Sunday, another recording of the TSFT Podcast. Since this is a bit of a hot button topic that’s settled in a bit, we’re going to discuss the Steam Greenlight program. We’ll be talking a little about the price-point, some of the newest “Greenlit” games, and do some shooting of the shit, as the children say. We’ll also be inviting a guest onto the podcast! Exciting times! Have any questions pertaining to the topic? Leave a comment below, or send us [...]

[Featurama] Is there any point in playing Black Mesa?

[youtube][/youtube] Every gamer worth his salt has played at least part of the Half Life series, so when you find out a team has made a mod for Half Life 2 that recreates the original game in high definition, it’s hard to pass not to get excited. I am of course referring to Black Mesa. With this in mind I started a conversation with a friend and I asked if they would play Black Mesa and they responded in a [...]

[News] First Batch of Steam Greenlight Titles Announced

Today Steam has announced its first 10 titles that have been chosen by its community to be picked up by the digital distribution platform. They are: Black Mesa Cry of Fear Dream Heroes & Generals Kenshi McPixel No More Room in Hell Project Zomboid Routine Towns As one would expect, there are a few Source Engine mods featured (Black Mesa, No More Room in Hell). There is a surprising variety of game types in this list however, such as god-game (Towns [...]