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5 Hit 2013 Songs that were Probably Actually Written by Video Game Characters

My mind is a gutter. I think of all the weirdest things at all the weirdest times of day. Driving home one day, I listened to a couple of songs that equated way too well with the plight of certain video games and certain video games characters. I even scared myself with how well some of these fit. Here are some of the crazy connections I made in my mind on hit songs that were probably actually totally written by [...]

[Villains Week] Villains We Hate (And not in a good way…)

For the most part, villains are right old bastards, and that’s a good thing. It’s their job, you know. If there was nobody around to oppose the player, many games would become pretty dull pretty quickly. Even so, some villains overstep their bounds, committing an act unforgivable in even the most lenient circles: depriving players of an enjoyable experience. Whether they do their job too well, fail at it, or achieve some form of entertainment-value inadequacy in-between, these villains cause irreparable [...]