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Resident Evil Composer Revealed as a Fraud in Multiple Ways

The Resident Evil music was never extremely memorable for me, though I do remember it being one of the early ambitious symphonic scores in video games (and I do love the safe room music). It has been revealed that Mamoru Samuragochi, the well known composer for the series, didn’t actually write most of the music. The 50-year-old has been called a modern Beethoven after losing his hearing at the age of 35, but continuing to work using absolute pitch. But now, Samuragochi has [...]

Just Fun Successfully Kickstarted

Alexander Brandon, who composed for Deus Ex, Unreal, and Jazz Jackrabbit, launched a Kickstarter for a new collaboration album titled Just Fun. Brandon will be working with other composers from gaming (Mass Effect 2′s and Super Meat Boy’s are among the list of talent) to bring 14 tracks to people’s ears. Apparently this has been two years in the making and most of the work is already done. Looks like we’ll be seeing its release soon then, as within 16 hours of it [...]

Behind the Scenes with Silas Hite, Video Game Composer

Anyone who knows me also knows that I’m a sucker for a great musical score. The music in a game helps balance the feel of the moment, even when doing something relatively mundane like building a house in The Sims. This is where people like Silas Hite come in; he’s a composer who’s worked on a wide range of titles, including The Sims 2, Skate 3, Boom Blox, The Simpsons Game, and more. His job is to convey a message or an emotion [...]