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Amazon Debuts Their New Gaming Console

Today Amazon has announced their $99 answer to the Apple TV and Roku market. The Amazon Fire TV will be able to stream video content like Hulu Plus as well as play your favorite music, home videos and photos. That is the initial focus of the system in its base model as it only offers a voice activated remote control. For gamers however, the box opens up to something more with the addition of a secondary bluetooth gaming controller priced [...]

Titanfall-themed Xbox One Only for Dev Team

When the Xbox One development team received their own exclusive white consoles, the internet instantly threw a jealous fit. Now there is another reason to be jealous: Members of the Titanfall development team from Respawn Entertainment shared photos on Twitter of a Titanfall-themed Xbox One console exclusively made for them: Regardless of how pretty or ugly the console looks, the interesting part of this story is that the image of that same console was leaked by a Microsoft insider on NeoGaf a few months [...]

Shhhh! – Hush to Be Villain in Arkham Sequel?

If you were one of the dedicated players who completed all of the side missions in Batman: Arkham City, you probably remember a certain bandaged villain who had it out for the Dark Knight. If you weren’t, go fix your mistake and finish that mission right now because there is some interesting news for Hush: The official Batman: Hush Facebook page posted an image of the villain with the caption: “Remember a little appearance by somebody in Arkham City? Well things may be [...]

Day-Z coming to consoles?

Dean Hall, game designer of widely popular zombie mod Day-Z, has said he is open to the idea of releasing the game on consoles and has already had “extensive” discussions with Microsoft about the possibility of an Xbox One version.

Game Developers Choice Awards Finalists Announced

Time and time again, I urge you, if you’re looking for a solid gaming award program, the Game Developers Choice Awards are the right place to look.  People making games choosing games without a single trace of Dorito dust to be found. After a rigorous nomination process, a list of finalists to the award have been named today on the official website.  Headliners include games like Gone Home and The Last of Us in the running for Game of the Year as well as [...]


Guy Makes A Genius Gamertag – Xbox Sign Out

Ahhhh, I remember the days when people would make clever usernames on Socom to get a giggle when people called out to them. This guy takes it to the next level with “Xbox Sign Out” for Call of Duty: Ghosts on the Xbox One. Some of these reactions are really golden as they scramble to get the Kinect to not sign them out.

A Mr. Freeze DLC Could Be Coming To Batman: Arkham Origins

In the lead up to the new year, there has been much teasing coming from the Batman: Arkham Origins camp in regards to a special event coming up on the 31st. First, there was a message telling us to save the date on the official Batman: Arkham franchise Twitter account on Christmas Eve, then an actual invitation for the “Gotham City Humanitarian of the Year Awards” on New Years Eve on the Batman: Arkham Facebook page, and now, this image; [...]

Dead Rising 3 Review – Death, Dildos, and Disembowelment

I could have sworn this was going to be the last hour of my life. My stomach was rumbling, my magazine was nearly empty and the horde would not stop their pursuit.  My former coworkers, neighbors, and friends’ arms all reached at me like a 100-limb octopus. The last bullet had arrived, and as I put the gun up to my chin, I saw something in the distance… another human! As I screamed  for help, the man approached me, leaping [...]

Hyperkin Retron 5 to Release December 10th for $99

Hyperkin announced today that their Retron 5 combination system, bringing together compatability with Nintendo’s NES, Famicom, SNES, Super Famicom, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance, as well as Sega’s Master System, Genesis, and Mega Drive will descend upon the public in all its retro-gaming glory on December 10th, boasting a price tag of $99 – a steal for vintage-gaming enthusiasts who’ve still got their collections of old cartridges lying around. I’m intrigued, and might look at picking [...]

LTTP Diablo 3 PS3 Review – Worth it?

It’s difficult to review a new version of a game that you’ve played already. You’re not sure what criteria to judge it on- should I target my review to the crowd who’ve played it on PC already, like myself? Should I target console gamers playing the game for the first time? Should I review it as a stand-alone product, or review it in the context of its present-day environment, where the game’s age (over one year) may no longer justify [...]

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