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Ray of Light – Five Memorable Video Game Sunrise Moments

As it happens pretty regularly here in Canadialand, it’s been a hell of a long winter. It was such a long winter that we were considering making Let It Go our new national anthem. Thankfully however, the end is in sight. Along with warmer temperatures, we’re becoming increasingly blessed with more sunlight. I’m of the belief that a sunrise is one of the most miraculous and beautiful things a person can witness in the everyday world. It is not only [...]

[Review] Crysis 3 – A Return to the Jungle? (Singleplayer)

Although the Crysis series’ claim to fame is arguably its flashy graphics and technical bells and whistles, the sci-fi shooter is much more than meets the eye. One would find more than the typical run-and-gun gameplay or the run-of-the-mill military FPS in the suit mechanics, open levels, and gun customization which are hallmarks of the Crysis series. Even though the three games have a lot in common, there are significant changes throughout each one, both in gameplay and setting. Hit [...]

[LTTP Review] Crysis – Welcome to Nano Kuni

Crysis is a PC gaming legend for reasons that have little to do with its actual content. Released in late 2007, it had recommended specs that quite frankly didn’t exist until at least a year or so later. While such a high ticket to entry no doubt affected sales at the time, it ended up being a hit and is no longer a real issue nowadays since running it is no problem on even a mid-range computer. CryTek has since [...]

[News] Crysis 3 Deveoper Releases First Video in “7 Wonders” Series

Crysis 3 is shaping up to be one of the biggest titles next year and famed developer Crytek has given us a little look behind the newest addition to their gorgeous franchise. The “7 Wonders” series has kicked off with one hell of a video entitled “Hell of a Town” and it is looking fantastic. For five minutes, you see the main stayed protagonist from the past two games doing what he does best and in futuristic, bloody, goodness. The video does [...]