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Ryse: Son of Rome Already has a Reduced Price on Amazon

In what is a surprisingly early discount in its lifespan, Amazon has listed Ryse: Son of Rome, at $39.99, a $20 discount (33%) from the MSRP of $59.99. Whether this is a temporary price cut or a permanent one on Amazon’s behalf has yet to be deciphered, but given the lesser overall performance of the Xbox One in the marketplace (as compared to the PS4, at least), and the fact that Ryse is one of the most highly-traded in of [...]

Ryse: Son of Rome Review – When is a Game not a Game?

Ryse: Son of Rome is an Xbox One launch title where players take command of Marius Titus in an epic tale of revenge as you battle through and against those who threaten your family and the great city of Rome. The game looks as great as any you’ve ever seen, though this alone may not be a good enough reason to spend your launch window money on. There’s no doubting that Ryse is a spectacle without peer. Indeed, the characters [...]

Warface Beta Enters ‘Sneak Peek’ Mode Tomorrow

Warface, CryTek’s upcoming entry in the Free-to-Play, online, class-based shooter sweepstakes, will be going into a ‘Sneak Peek’ mode on October 2, 2013. This is in anticipation of the game’s Open Beta arriving next week. The promised mode allows players to engage in a variety of mission types, play five daily co-op missions (up from the previous limit of three), and try out their new ‘Destruction Mode’ (a variation of Capture and Hold). Additionally, CryTek has added a tutorial for [...]

[Review] Crysis 3 – A Return to the Jungle? (Singleplayer)

Although the Crysis series’ claim to fame is arguably its flashy graphics and technical bells and whistles, the sci-fi shooter is much more than meets the eye. One would find more than the typical run-and-gun gameplay or the run-of-the-mill military FPS in the suit mechanics, open levels, and gun customization which are hallmarks of the Crysis series. Even though the three games have a lot in common, there are significant changes throughout each one, both in gameplay and setting. Hit [...]

[LTTP Review] Crysis – Welcome to Nano Kuni

Crysis is a PC gaming legend for reasons that have little to do with its actual content. Released in late 2007, it had recommended specs that quite frankly didn’t exist until at least a year or so later. While such a high ticket to entry no doubt affected sales at the time, it ended up being a hit and is no longer a real issue nowadays since running it is no problem on even a mid-range computer. CryTek has since [...]

[LTTP Review] Far Cry: If You Like Piña Coladas (and Getting Shot in the Face)

There are few series’ of the past decade more notable than Far Cry. What started as a tech demo for a new PC engine has evolved into one of the most strikingly gorgeous and narratively daring video game properties out there. I recently played and reviewed Far Cry 3 and marveled at how this series has evolved into an almost seamless gaming experience. Well, it’s been a bit of a long road from the experience of the first game which [...]

[News] Get Those Graphics Cards Warmed Up – Crysis 3 PC Specs Revealed

PC gamers: Get ready to feel inadequate. EA has just released the minimum/recommended requirements for running Crysis 3. A new Crytek game has always signaled the dawn of a new standard in graphical capability, as well as the realization that it’s time to upgrade you computer. Crysis 3 looks to be no exception. Here’s the breakdown: Minimum Requirements Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 DirectX 11 graphics card with 1Gb Video RAM Dual core CPU 2GB Memory (3GB on [...]

[News] Gamescom 2012: Best Social/Casual/Online Award Goes to Warface

[youtube][/youtube] It was recently announced that the winner of the Best Social/Casual/Online game at Gamescom 2012 has gone to a free-to-play First Person Shooter titled Warface. If you have no idea what Warface is, I don’t blame you. It’s not even in closed beta yet. What you really need to know about it can be summed up by CEO/Founder of Crytek, Cevat Yerli. At its core, Warface is a new social first-person shooter experience that invites players and their friends [...]