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[Rant] DC Kills Again

[Please Note: the above header image was randomly chosen out of a folder on my computer] I’m not going to try and spoil this. I usually don’t write spoiler warnings, but the issue hit stands today. The New York Post ran an article on Monday and DC has a giant splash image pop up on their website, so they can spoil this for you. If you are happening to run in to a comics store though, one of the DC [...]

[LTTP Review] Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes – Best. Superman game. Ever.

I’ve gone on record with how much I enjoy Lego games. Traveller’s Tales seems to put tons of love and effort into making every game the best fan service possible for each game. This second foray into Gotham is no exception. This open world experience does a good job of making you feel like the Dark Knight and his costumed allies in the Justice League. Hit the jump for my full breakdown.

[Featurama] It Came From the Quarter Bin: The Holiday Spirit

[It Came From the Quarter Bin highlights comics that time seems to have forgotten] I’ve been looking up and down my street at my neighbors houses the past few weeks and I’ve noticed that their similarly built homes are much flashier than normal. Yes, everybody is blinging their houses up with garish lights, plastic snow people and a small few even have a baby Jesus lying out front in a cardboard manger. The holiday season is in full swing and [...]

[Featurama] It Came From the Quarter Bin: First Strike! Extra!

[It Came From the Quarter Bin highlights comics that time seems to have forgotten] This week on It Came From the Quarter Bin, we’re going to look at a crossover tie-in that has very little to do with the crossover it is connected to.  That makes it an easy book to judge this week simply on it’s merits.  Fortunately, it’s a book from one of the most well respected authors in comics, though I doubt you’ll find many that could [...]

[News] Amy Reeder to start a Kickstarter?

Amy Reeder was supposed to be on Batwoman for longer than the 2 issues that printed with her art in it. Something happened behind the scenes and DC removed her from the book.  All we really know about the situation is what Amy has revealed through a blog post which would simply explain that “it was a bad situation, and kept getting worse and more intense until it became impossible.  I am a long-term project kinda girl and I was [...]

[Featurama] Before Watchmen: It’s Not the End of the World

  Yesterday, DC Comics confirmed their plans to expand upon the Watchmen universe.  For those of you that are comic book fans, you are most likely livid.  I as well was full of a certain white hot rage until I calmed down and looked further in to it. For those in the world that haven’t read the book, well I guess you wouldn’t be so angry.  You should probably give it a read through though if you want any of [...]