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Edmonton Expo 2013 – Life Goes On Hands-On Preview

One of the most exciting things about conferences is the thrill of discovering something wonderful that you had no idea existed. While at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo on Sunday, I spent some time talking with Erik Johnson, Producer at Edmonton-based developer Infinite Monkeys, about their upcoming title; Life Goes On, a 48-hour game jam that has developed over time into what will be a full release next year on Steam.

[Rant] DC Kills Again

[Please Note: the above header image was randomly chosen out of a folder on my computer] I’m not going to try and spoil this. I usually don’t write spoiler warnings, but the issue hit stands today. The New York Post ran an article on Monday and DC has a giant splash image pop up on their website, so they can spoil this for you. If you are happening to run in to a comics store though, one of the DC [...]