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Disgaea DLC Confirmed for Demon Gaze

Kadowkawa Games and NIS have collaborated for the upcoming PS Vita dungeon-RPG, Demon Gaze. For the first month of release in both North America and Europe, players can download free Disgaea themed DLC for Demon Gaze. This DLC will allow you to have favorite characters like Etna, Prinny, Flonne, Sicily, and Asagi joing your party. Additionally, here are some new screenshots for the game below. Demon Gaze will be available for PS Vita on April 22nd in NA and the [...]

Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisted Coming to Vita

Fan favorite Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is getting an enhanced port for the PS Vita in Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited for both digital and retail release this summer. That’s right, high levels, insanely difficult stages, large combos, penguins, these are all the things that were great in the original Disgaea 4 that’s now like…100x better on the Vita. New features include: New scenarios and backstory, new characters and cemos, new jobs, all the DLC from the original PS3 [...]


New Trailer for Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness

A new trailer for Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness has been released for your viewing pleasure. Here, Etna introduces her new tv show in which it chronicles her life as a the overlord…for all of 10 seconds. The game will be out September 27th in Europe and October 8th in North America for Playstation 3~

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness Reveals Release Date, First Run Bonuses

NIS America has announced today that Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness will release October 8th in North America and September 27th in Europe for Playstation 3. Additionally, the initial retail run of the game will include: A two disc official soundtrack, a graphic print, and a costume DLC pack for Laharl, Etna, and Flonne which will be free for the first 30 days of the game’s release on PSN. Look below for a few new screenshots!


New Disgaea D2 Trailer Shows Off Characters

A new trailer for hardcore JRPG Disgaea D2 has been released by NIS America introducing the principle cast of the game. While old favorites are there, new characters like Lahral’s sister also make an appearance. I’ve still yet to play any games in the series despite have the Vita title through Playstation Plus. Despite my proclivities toward anime, JRPGs and I don’t mis too well (shocker!). Expect Chris to be drooling over this one. The game will drop for Playstation [...]

[News] NIS America Is Bringing Over 3 New Games

Finally we get a release date for Time and Eternity, Disgaea D2, and The Guided Fate Paradox. Now outside of Disgaea D2, you might not have heard any rumblings about these other two. Which is a shame, because they honestly look the most interesting. Time and Eternity is the anime game from Imageepoch. I say anime game, because the sprites and characters are so fluidly animated that you could argue it looks like you are playing your favorite anime. At [...]

[RIP PS2] Our Favorite PS2 Games

[The PS2 is now officially discontinued! We wanted to give this mighty system a proper farewell so we're dedicating an entire week to it.] We’ve spent the entire week discussing the PS2 and all of it’s magnificence.  It was a beaut. Well not really, but it was functional and had a lot of fantastic games on it.  Now though we must hold those games up to the light and judge them. We have to choose the best of the bunch, [...]

[News] Disgaea 2 is Coming to PSN

The PS2 version of Disgaea 2 is coming to PSN on January 22.  For those not up to date on the Disgaea series, it’s great.  A mix of puzzle and strategy, this tactical RPG is easily one of the best values in gaming with hundreds of hours of gameplay available.  Disgaea 2, while not as good in story, is a much better game than the original and if you’ve skipped it during the PS2 and PSP years, you have one [...]

[News] NIS Announces Disgaea: D2

Today, Disgaea revealed their plans for a new entry in to the Disgaea franchise.  Titled Disgaea D2 (formerly Project D), this will be the return of Laharl, Flonne and Etna to consoles.  No other concrete details have been revealed as far as content, but we do have the console and release date.  On March 20, 2013, Japan will be fortunate enough to get the game for their PS3′s.  I have absolutely no doubt that NISA will follow up soon after.  [...]

[News] New Trailer for Nippon Ichi’s 1st 20th Anniversary Project

The God and Fate Revolution Paradox (aka Kamisama to Unmei Kakumei no Paradox or if you have been practicing, 神様と運命革命のパラドクス) is the new game from Disgaea Team for NIS’s 20th Anniversary Project.  This will be the first of many releases from NIS for this event.  You can see the hot new trailer below, but it’s really just a teaser for the July 19th reveal.  You get your voice actors and characters represented, but I’m not sure it will sway many [...]

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