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[Review] Temple Run: Oz – Flying Baboons and Crumbling Roads

The latest release by Imangi Studios and Disney Mobile is another Disney-fied version of their endless runner games, but this time it’s inspired by Temple Run: 2 and based on the newly-released Oz: The Great and Powerful. In this game, you play as The Wizard (called Oz), who is running from angry flying baboons, surely sent from the Wicked Witch. Following closely after the release of Temple Run 2, this title also has a slew of new features that hadn’t been developed [...]

[News] Disney Mobile releases new free game: Where’s My Valentine?

Fans of Swampy and/or Perry may be delighted to know that Disney Mobile have released a brand new, free app for both iOS and Android called Where’s My Valentine? Where’s My Valentine? features 12 fresh, love-themed levels for everyone to enjoy. There are six levels for Swampy and then another six for Perry, with the option of buying the full version for more whenever you like. Though kind of short, the free version still offers a cute nugget for being [...]

[News] Disney Infinity looks awesome, is slated for release in June

[youtube][/youtube] Just in case you’ve been hearing all the buzz regarding Disney Infinity but still don’t have an idea of what all the fuss is about, I’m here to report that it is a thing. It is a glorious thing featuring Disney and Pixar characters, in which you get to choose your own adventures, explore any of the characters’ worlds (called Play Sets), and buy real toys to further interact with the game a-la Skylanders. Disney Infinity is going to [...]

[News] Disney Releases Three New Games For iOS And Android

For those of you who enjoy addictive mobile games, Disney Mobile has released not one, but three titles to both the App Store and Google Play. The titles are Monster’s Inc. Run, Where’s My Holiday?, and Nemo’s Reef. Monster’s Inc. Run is the only one of the three which isn’t free. It’s developed by Get Set and is only available for iOS at this time for US$0.99. In Run, you get to, well, run. The good news is that everyone [...]