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PAX East – Hack ‘n’ Slash Impressions

If you’ve ever experimented with programming as a kid, then you no doubt have memories of making a program then changing around the variables to make some pretty crazy stuff happen. Or maybe you just did that with a Quake console or your sister’s Windows 98 account. Double Fine’s newest game, Hack ‘n’ Slash somehow manages to take the fun of that and apply it to a Zelda style game. In the demo on display at PAX East, the first area or so of the game [...]

Next-Gen Gamers: Exploring Double Fine’s Kinect Party Through the Eyes of a Child

[Next-Gen Gamers is a feature where we explore the world of gaming through the eyes of our kids who really are the next generation of gamers] I don’t play a whole lot of games with my daughter. She’s a little young to get fully adjusted to the basics of more focused games. Plus when we are together, I mostly like to focus on doing interesting things with her around the house or outside of it. Unfortunately, it happens to rain [...]

#DeveloperTweets You Missed Last Week – Oculus RIP

Things go by quickly on Twitter and it’s easy to miss some serious gems. Lucky for you, Twinfinite has you covered with a weekly roundup of tweets from people around the industry. This past week saw the news of Facebook buying the Oculus Rift VR tech; an acquisition that has been met with some mixed responses.  The sale took the industry as a whole by surprise, but none reacted so strongly as Mojang’s Markus Persson (@Notch). In a tweet sent [...]


Midnight City and Double Fine Teaming Up for Costume Quest 2

Double Fine’s put out a lot of creative games over the years, but none as cute as Costume Quest, the Halloween themed RPG where kids’ costumes become their reality for a single night.  The game ended on a major cliffhanger with the conclusion of the one DLC expansion, Grubbins on Ice, and now it looks like we might finally get a conclusion in the recently announced Costume Quest 2. For the sequel, Double Fine is going to be teaming up with Midnight City to [...]

Amnesia Fortnight Double Fine Game Jam Finalists Announced

Finalists for the upcoming Double Fine Game Jam, Amnesia Fortnight 2014, have been announced. The list of potential games has been trimmed down from 30 to 14 ideas. When voting ends on Thursday, the top three ideas will each be assigned to a team within Double Fine. Each team will have two weeks to create a game for the pitch designed. Supporters of Amnesia Fortnight on the event’s humble bundle page will be able to download this year’s prototypes, as [...]


Pick Double Fine’s Next Amnesia Fortnight Games, Now With Pen Ward!

When Double Fine completes a major game cycle, they go into what they call “Amnesia Fortnight.”  This is a game jam of sorts where teams of developers group off for two weeks and develop games based on whatever ideas they want.  Previous Fortnights have given us Costume Quest, Stacking, and Spacebase DF-9. Now, the Amnesia Fortnight is back with a special Humble Bundle deal where donors get to get in from the very start and select which three games from the pantheon of [...]


New Broken Age Trailer Released To Celebrate Public Launch

Some things are worth celebrating, and if the reviews for Act 1 of Broken Age, like our own, are any indication, more people being able to play Double Fine’s glorious return to adventure games is worth breaking out the party hats. To commemorate the public launch of Broken Age, after a private release for Kickstarter backers a few weeks back, Double Fine has released a new trailer, which you can check out above. Broken Age is available now on Steam [...]

BRAND NEW PODCAST!!! Twinfinite Loop – 01: Yami’s Wasteland

With the emergence of a New Year comes bigger and newer things from Twinfinite, including our brand new podcast, Twinfinite Loop!  Join Yami, Muaz, Andy, and me (JC!) as we talk about some of the biggest and most exciting latest happenings in the video gaming world. In this first episode, we talk about where Nintendo’s headed, a cool looking new Lord of the Rings games, Kickstarter, and Yami’s search for a missing treasure– all with a unique Twinfinite style! Look for the [...]


Check Out Broken Age’s “Retro” Mode

Eagle eyed backers of the Broken Age Kickstarter might have noticed a few quick shots of a pixelated version of the game in some scenes of the development documentary.  Turns out it’s a secret easter egg that can be enabled by all players by changing the resolution down to minimum and clicking a secret button in the controls menu, as show in this video by YouTube user, The Phawx. The effect doesn’t change gameplay or anything, but simply applies a lo-fi pixelated [...]

Broken Age (Act One) Review – Oh So Double Fine

Double Fine is a funny little developer.  Their games are almost always misunderstood in one context or another, adding up to usually poor sales, despite legions of fans singing their praises.  So when Double Fine called upon their fans to fund a game upfront, they were met with the money by tenfold.  Two years later, the first half of that game is now in our hands, and that game is Broken Age.  Was it worth the wait and the cost [...]

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