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e3_logo_twThe Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is an annual trade show for the gaming industry presented by the ESA to showcase upcoming publisher features and gaming related merchandise. The show itself is exclusive to industry members and media who pass qualification.

Currently held in June in Los Angeles, California the show attracts over 48,000 attendees while taking over the entire Los Angeles Convention Center with booth and meeting room bookings.

Next show:
June 10-12, 2014

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Forza 5 on Xbox One downgraded from E3 build

It’s been known for awhile that Microsoft used Windows 7 with Nvidia GTX PCs at E3 this year to demonstrate the Xbox One. With the release of Xbox One, comparisons have surfaced of release builds vs their E3 build. The result? Xbox One release build games reveal, according to GamingBlend: “flat textures, pre-baked shadows and low-poly environmental geometry galore.” This shouldn’t come as a complete surprise as Forza 5 is just the latest to follow in the footsteps of other games [...]

Remember ‘Project Natal’?

Moving into the next generation comes with a lot of excitement and expectations. With the Xbox One coming bundled with a new Kinect sensor, one might look back at the expectations and original vision Microsoft had for the first Kinect. Back in 2009, Microsoft officially unveiled Kinect as Project Natal during their E3 conference. Project Natal, a motion-sensing input device, introduced a new way for players to interact with their Xbox 360 console through controller-free hand gestures and voice control. The [...]


PAX13 – Yami’s Sporadic PAX Prime 2013 Twinfinite Diary

I love doing these and since you all have shown you love watching them, here I am again staring into your soul. Someone once told me my con coverage was too negative. While a majority finds it hilarious, in case anyone else that might not get my sarcasm and comedy ever sees one of these, watch the entire thing. I am eternally privileged to not be tackling this endeavor alone, but with a team of people that love to have [...]

Mario Kart 8 is the Greatest – Hands-On Impressions

Where would Nintendo be without Mario Kart? How many friends would you still have if it wasn’t for Mario Kart? Lucky for us, we can still destroy friendships into the next generation with Mario Kart 8 exclusively for the Nintendo Wii U. In the coming months, the Wii U will most likely finally be getting its much-needed surge in popularity thanks to this title and many others on the way, but how does it play?

TSFT Episode #73: Post E3 Stress Disorder

In this special episode of the TSFT Podcast, we talk about E3 2013… again! Mike has returned from Los Angeles to report first hand on his experience at the convention. We also bring back our good friend Sean Hogan (Anodyne) to learn about his experience of bringing his game to the show floor. On top of all that, we talk about what a deep hole Microsoft is in right now. NOTE: We will be streaming our podcast recordings LIVE from our twitch.tv channel! (Sundays, [...]


E3 – Twinfinite’s E3 2013 Impressions

We survived, but at what cost? Yami’s soul, mostly. After being understaffed, overworked, and underpaid, Mike and I sat down to tell you all how E3 went for us. We go over some tips for newcomers, what were our favorite games, the parties we fist pumped at, and the wonderful people we met. I also do a lot of seat twirling because my chair has restless foot syndrome.


E3 – Showfloor Limpthrough

It’s no secret that this E3 was particularly hard on us. We only had two on-site correspondents and one of them (me) sprained their ankle on day 0 of the trip. Naturally, I had to limp to every conference, appointment, and meeting room to get shit done. Nothing got done. Originally, this video was going to be a dance through the showfloor. I was going to bust my moves at the most popular E3 locations, but then I decided to [...]


E3 – Picture Round-Up!

It’s over, it’s finally over! Why are all of Yami’s posts going up today? Well, I just awoke from a 14 hour coma. That’s why. If you thought I took an unnecessary amount of pictures during the conferences, you haven’t seen my picture round-up of the showfloor.

E3 – Drool Award Winners

  Instead of giving out an excess amount of awards like we usually do at cons, this year we decided to narrow it down to five games that totally blew us away. Not an easy feat, considering the sheer number of games available at E3. Ladies and gentlemen, we present you with the winners of Twinfinite’s 2013 Drool Awards. These are in no particular order: The Evil Within The Walking Dead: 400 Days Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party Saints Row [...]

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